Who is Ivan Moody and what is his net worth 2020? Ivan Moody came to be popular together a Frontman singer in the well known Metal band 5 Finger fatality Punch. Before he began off with 5 Finger fatality Punch, he was a successful component of a lot of other bands. He also performed as an actor in rather a few films. The was ago in the year 2002 once moody join his first major band.

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Early Life

This renowned metallic singer to be born on January 7th, 1980 in Colorado, USA and is popularly recognized as the Ghost. That made his first appearance as an gibbs in the movie Bled complied with by The Devil’s Carnival in which that was depicted as the hobo clown. His first major band was Motograter the was created in the year 2002. The is an all-rounder beginning his journey from a singer and ending it being a music director.


He is a proud dad of a daughter and also married Alma Moody. He likewise has a sisters Sandra Dykes through whom the shares an extremely friendly relations. He invested the summer noon through his grandm in Wisconsin. That is at this time a resident of Nevada and his 18-year old daughter resides in Colorado.

The very first local tape he came to be a part of was Toiz i m sorry played approximately the few cities that Los Angeles. Later on in the year 2002, he joined the metal band Motograter. Then through the farming success, castle made their bonds through several various other bands that included Korn, Disturbed, Slipknot and much more.

It together in July 2005, once he to be a part of the Ghost device and released his first self-debut and likewise joined the 5 finger fatality punch. Their and received a vast appreciation and also a complete of 600,000 duplicates were offered in the united States. Their second album ended up being equally hit in the year 2009 and was referred to as as war is the Answer.

The album sold more than 44,000 copies in simply a week. The 3rd record broke all the previous records by earning a profit for 90,000 copies in a week. In the year 2009, 2011, 2013 and also 2015 they continuously participated in the Download Festival.

In the year 2009, he to be starred in the horror movie, Bled as an incubus. Further, he was again taken together in the musical horror film, The Devil’s Carnival in the year 2009.

Moody make a public announcement on April 21st, 2017 about forming a new band Villain.

His an initial band Motograter to be voted together the among the best band by fight Parader. In the steel Hammer gold Gods Awards, five Finger death Punch winner the Best brand-new Band Award and also this happened in the year 2009. The tape was additionally awarded the many Promising Artist award by FMQB’s 2009 metal poll.

It was the Ivan Kerrang Awards in i m sorry the band was nominated because that the ideal International Newcomer award in the year 2009. The ideal breakthrough award additionally reached them v the steel Hammer gods Award. In the year 2014, the band obtained an award for “Lift Me Up” which was nominated because that the ideal song.

Net precious of Ivan Moody

This renowned American singer have a network worth of $3.5 million. His band has broken almost every one of their previous documents by make a full earning that $2.6 million.

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Ivan Moody lately began working together a part of a remix album and was the ago burner the the five Finger fatality Punch. Later on on, four more remixes were released making it a completely different level because that Ivan Moody and also the successful band.