I have a 1985 ford f250 through a 300 boring .60 over and the timing marks on the harmonic balancer do not relate to TDC ~ above the number 1 cylinder. The marks space aligned through TDC ~ above number 5. How can this be?

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Is that the share balancer the came with the engine? i can"t remember, yet I think SBF balancers will certainly fit on the huge 6 engines. Does TDC top top #5 sit precisely at 0 top top the time marks? has actually the external ring separated from the rubber and also rotated?



Is the the stock balancer that came with the engine? ns can"t remember, yet I think SBF balancers will fit on the big 6 engines. Walk TDC on #5 sit exactly at 0 ~ above the timing marks? has the external ring separated native the rubber and also rotated?



"the timing marks ~ above the harmonic balancer perform not relate to TDC top top the number 1 cylinder"


I"m confused. Room you speak that as soon as you lug #1 cylinder as much as TDC, the guideline doesn"t suggest at 0 degrees? 


The firing bespeak is 142 536. Seems to me the only problem is the plug wires are 180 degrees off. I would retime the engine by bringing #1 approximately TDC. The timing marks top top the balancer must be at 0. Climate reinstall the plug wires. 


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Ford in there child wisdom observed fit to placed 2 different sets on countless of the 4.9s. ~ above mine over there is one collection on the timing gear cover. Dont usage this one if you have actually the various other one that is situated on the other side or passenger side. It is a steel strip that has actually notches in it. One large notch i beg your pardon is TDC and also smaller notches walk both methods out indigenous TDC . Over there are likewise 2 various marks on the crank pulley. One square notch that is straightforward to see. Dont usage this one. The various other correct one is a very tiny line scribed in the wheel and very hard to watch if the pulley is dirty. This is the one to use. 

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How sure are you the it is the exactly balancer?

And watch for ideas that the outer ring may have spun. Look for a most cracks, absent pieces, or bulges ~ above the rubber isolator.

If all else fails, dont worry around it. I time mine engines with my spidey senses, and if i usage a timing light, its because that curiosity sake or because that documentation.

With the number one piston top top TDC through valves closed. Either mark is around 45degrees turn off from either next timing references. If you rotate the thin line mark scribed ~ above the balancer then it is number 5 cylinder on TDC.