Form SSA-6230-OCR-SM, Representative Payee Report, is a kind used for providing advantage payment monitoring for the U.S. Social Security administration (SSA) beneficiaries that cannot regulate their social protection or supplemental security earnings payment. The SSA appoints a perfect representative payee that is qualified of controlling the payment on instead of of the beneficiary.

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Alternate Names:

Form SSA-6230;SSA kind 6230-OCR-SM;SSA Representative Payee Report.

The latest variation of the form was released on respectable 1, 2007, with all ahead editions obsolete. Download a copy of SSA-6230 through the link below (for recommendation only). The record has two related forms: kind SSA-623-F6, Representative Payee Report (used for managing Social Security special needs benefits because that a disabled individual), and kind SSA-6233-BK, Representative Payee Report of services and devoted Account (used for giving information ~ above the benefits the payee has actually received because that the beneficiary that were deposit in the specialized account).

You room receiving this form because the SSA appointed a payee to obtain the social security benefits because that an individual who cannot manage or straight the administration of the benefit. The SSA have to regularly review how payees usage the services they receive on instead of of the beneficiaries come ensure the services are provided properly.

The law requires most minors and also all legit incompetent adults to have payees. The payee"s key duties room to use the benefits to pay for the current and future demands of the beneficiary and also save any type of benefits not necessary at the moment. It is recommended to keep documents of expenses so that once the SSA request a report, a payee provides an accounting of the conserving benefits.

What if I carry out Not get SSA-6230-OCR-SM?

The SSA mails an annual SSA Representative Payee Report (Form SSA-6230) to the payees who are compelled to finish it. Young payees must finish the paper version, payees that 18 years or older can do that virtual by logging right into their social defense account. Call the social defense office nearest friend to apply to be a payee or if you did not receive this form. Girlfriend will require to carry out your social defense number or the organization"s employee identification number. Usually, the payee application is completed v the SSA officer face-to-face.

Instructions for kind SSA-6230-OCR-SM are as follows:

State if you were convicted of a felony in inquiry 1 ("Payee Felony Convictions") and explain the kind of crime on the ago of the form.Indicate if the beneficiary ongoing to live alone, or v the exact same individual, or in the same institution throughout the reporting period in question 2 ("Beneficiary Custody Changes"). If there were any changes, explain them and administer the beneficiary"s present address.State if you made decision how the benefits were invested or saved in concern 3 ("Accounting because that Benefits"). If who else chose how to usage the money, describe the process. Display the total amount that benefits invested on housing, food, and an individual items favor clothing, education, medical and also dental care. State if girlfriend saved any type of benefits, including any type of interest earned.Answer concern 4 ("Savings Information"). If any kind of benefits to be saved, display how friend are saving them and also describe the account title you have actually on the beneficiary"s savings.Indicate even if it is the conserving benefits room in treasury bills, cash, or shared funds in question 5 ("Other Savings/Account Titles"). Compose down the location of the account, if applicable.

The payee has to sign the form and create down the really date. It is compelled to finish the kind in black color ink and also use the "Remarks" sections to administer any added information.

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Where perform I Mail kind SSA-6230-OCR-SM?

The SSA mails the proper form once a year. You must finish it and send it earlier to the address written in the form. If you have any kind of questions, friend may contact your local security office. Girlfriend can uncover it online v the SSA website v the "Locator" tool. The report deadline for SSA-6230-OCR-SM is 30 days. You need to complete and also return the report type or send the type online.