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There are 4 intercity buses every day from fort Wayne to Chicago. Traveling by bus from fort Wayne to Chicago usually takes roughly 4 hours and also 3 minutes, however the faster Miller transport bus have the right to make the pilgrimage in 3 hours and also 50 minutes.

Distance140 mi (226 km)
Shortest duration3h 50m
Cheapest price$34.00
Trips per day4
Most regular serviceMiller Transportation
Bus lines2

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Pros: we arrived pretty much on timeSmooth ride, good driver, an extremely quiet though.Good value for money. Cons: The motorists all having various personalities vary.But constantly a very competent driver, so can’t improve on that.Certainly top top the barons bus it was comforta...

Pros: we arrived pretty much on timeSmooth ride, good driver, very quiet though.Good worth for money. Cons: The vehicle drivers all having various personalities vary.But always a an extremely competent driver, so can’t improve on that.Certainly top top the barons bus it was comfortable for this reason not much you have the right to improve on, all at once not much you could do to boost it. Tips: not really just turn up with plenty the time come spareSo friend don’t hold others up.


$37.00 is the average price of a bus ticket from fort Wayne come Chicago. Acquisition a bus is an affordable method to make this trip. It’s basic to uncover a bus ticket at this price or lower when you usage to publication your expedition online in breakthrough of your travel date.

end the next four weeks, the average ticket price of a bus from fort Wayne come Chicago is meant to variety from $40 come $42. If you space looking to travel to Chicago in ~ the following week, girlfriend can discover bus tickets beginning from $40. The cheapest bus ticket in the following month space $40 and can be found on September 19, 2021.

Traveling from ft Wayne to Chicago by bus will expense you around the same throughout the year. In general, bus ticket prices for that route are relatively consistent, so intend to pay roughly $40 anytime you decide to travel.
most bus service providers charge higher ticket prices the closer you publication to the date of travel, so it’s a an excellent idea come buy her bus ticket as early on as possible. The best method to uncover cheap bus tickets is to publication at the very least 18 days in advance. By act so, you have the right to expect to conserve $7.48 on her bus ticket compared to booking at the last minute.

There room two bus lines that have daily company from ft Wayne come Chicago. That these two carriers, Miller transportation usually offers an ext choice, with 2 scheduled trips every day.

müller Transportation, with its renowned bus service Hoosier Ride, connects a variety of cities throughout six claims in the Midwest via intercity bus travel. Miller buses save you connected throughout your journey with free WiFi and power outlets ~ above board. The carrier is continuously rated well because that on-time bus arrivals. The pilgrimage from ft Wayne to Chicago normally lasts 4 hours and also 6 minutes on müller Transportation, and also ticket prices begin at $34.

Our bus partners have enforced several various policies to keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Indigenous limiting auto capacity to enhancing cleaning protocols and upgrading waiting filters, bus carriers room committed to preserving a for sure environment. Because that details ~ above what each agency is doing come ensure their fleet stays safe because that travel, click here.

In addition, federal legislation requires every bus passengers to stay a face covering because that the entire duration of the trip. You re welcome make sure you room wearing a confront mask or you might not be allowed to plank the bus.

please visit our COVID-19 Travel guide for much more information on every carrier policies and the latest travel advisories approve by every U.S. State, Canadian province, and also European country.

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The bus takes an median of 4 hours and 3 minutes to cover the 140 mile from ft Wayne come Chicago. However, the faster bus just takes 3 hours and 50 minutes. In various other words, you'll have plenty of time to rest and also relax top top the road. Store in mind that your yes, really bus might arrive previously or later on than scheduled, depending on whether over there is more or much less traffic than usual.