An outlet because that my crowded and disorganized mind as I aspire to it is in "Super"… SuperWife, SuperMom, SuperWoman…

After college, we stood increase in every other’s weddings, commemorated the births of ours babies, and also kept in call whenever and also however we could… and each time we chat, also though very small of it entails anything dance-related, it’s favor no time has passed. There is one dance topic we’ve been pointing out a many lately… the mountain Francisco Ballet. It began months and also months ago when Keri said, “Someday, we should…” and someday turned into Mother’s work weekend, and also a girls-only expedition to clock Cinderella. Tickets were purchased, hotel appointments were made, and the countdown began. To say us were excited is an understatement (but I’d be lying if ns didn’t recognize to gift ridiculously sad to leave my babies – also though they to be in Daddy’s an extremely capable hands).

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Finally the day arrived, and we met up in the lobby of our hotel. After ~ dropping off our belongings in our (upgraded!) room, us went earlier downstairs to have dinner. What the really method for two busy moms is that us ate whole meal – while it to be still hot – without stooping under to retrieve a sippy cup, without gaining up to take it a toddler come the potty, and without being interrupted every ten seconds.

It. Was. Awesome.

With full tummies, and satisfied souls, we obtained gussied up and headed to the Opera house – i m sorry is therefore beautiful! We discovered that they are very rude strict about arriving ~ above time, and also although we were just a minute or 2 late, we weren’t allowed to take it our ticketed seats till the an initial intermission. We invested the first several action standing behind the rail ~ above the stand deck. Still, we had actually a great view. Security the last number of years submerged in the floor of all-things-Disney, ns was (naively) surprised come realize that this wasn’t the pumpkin coach, friendly woodland creature, fairy godmother variation of Cinderella my boys are acquainted with. This to be the director’s interpretation of the Grimm’s fairy tales version. For this reason while some components were a small confusing, us eventually caught on (with the assist of the program), and enjoyed the show. The sets and also props were clever and full of life. The costumes were lovely, and the feeling sprinkled throughout provided it a tiny extra oomph. Us were also entertained throughout intermission (can you speak “people-watching extravaganza”?!).

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After the show, we changed into our jammies, and enjoyed part tasty Moscato and an ext uninterrupted conversation till 1am. Saturday morning we delighted in some of Keri’s delicious homemade banana bread, and also headed home.

Our time with each other was short on quantity, but deep in quality, and made because that a memorable visit v a precious friend. Here’s come our following adventure, Big! thanks for making more memories v me