Questions around Characterization1. George is flat and his dominant trait is egotism due to the fact that of the riches that his family members has. That believes the he is over his afri roots particularly when he states “What have actually you done through your head -- I mean your hair!” once Beneatha’s hair is “closed, cropped and straightened". George"s function in the plot is to it is in an antagonist in Beneatha’s problem in marriage. Beneatha is struggling to make a choice in she future and to find herself. George acts as an option that Beneatha can take, one the refuses his African roots is enveloped in the “dominant” culture, America’s culture. George help to establish the conflict in the plot by acquisition Beneatha the end on dates and also beginning to get much more forceful in his search of Beneatha, together the readers and listeners see on the day when George complains around Beneatha’s talking.3. George’s static attributes intensifies since in the beginning the readers don’t recognize much around George various other than that he is wooing Beneatha, which leads Lena and also Ruth to push Beneatha to offer George a same chance. We think that Beneatha may be biased view, yet later us actually find out his personality through the date that George asks the Beneatha.5. George isn’t attract a mask due to the fact that he is a flat and static character, one without depth.6. To play George, we agree that we would certainly need fancy clothes, probably an expensive suit, or what was stated in the play, a casual tweed sports jacket end a cashmere v-neck pullover over a soft eyelet shirt and also tie, and also soft slacks finished off v white buckskin shoes. We would certainly act George the end by having actually a condescending waiting to civilization who aren’t favor him.Thinking on record About Characterization2. The dress of George (in #6 above) helps create his narcissism and vanity because the money that deserve to be invested on other more useful things.4. His an inspiration for asking Beneatha the end is to gain her together his marriage partner since he knows that she is pretty, at the very least when she wear continual American clothing. Once George uncover Beneatha in her timeless Nigerian robes, the tells her in a degrading tone, “Look honey, we space going come the theater--we aren’t walking to it is in in it... So walk change... Huh?”. He just believes the she is a quite looking girl, one of the main reasons the he is dating her, which is seen when he says “You’re a pretty looking girl...all over. That’s every you need, honey, forget the atmosphere. Men aren’t walk to walk for the atmosphere. They are going to walk for what they see... Together for myself, I want a nice simplesophisticatedgirl.. .not a poet -- okay?” when groping her. He then tries to kiss her. Also, in the discussion with Beneatha, he tells her what the really wants in life, “It’s simple. You read books-- to find out facts-- to gain grades-- to pass to course-- to obtain a degree. That’s all. It has nothing to do with thoughts.” This quote emphasizes the shallowness the George has, also in his objective in life. The doesn’t find any type of other definition in what Beneatha does and what anyone else in college does, other than for the main goal of acquiring money.5. George imagine the not very intelligent strategy of make the efforts to get Ruth to it is in quiet and not it is in so meaningful and also traditional. He tells her that she is “nice looking”, yet that is looking so someone basic and the he doesn’t desire to talk around “moody” things. This an approach seems to be rather ineffective because “he starts to kiss her and also she rebuffs she again”. Then, he it s okay angry because he thinks “This is stupid! ns don’t go out with you to talk about the nature of ‘quiet desperation’ or to hear all about your thoughts-- since the world will walk on reasoning what it think regardless.”6. The miscalculates Beneatha as a girl who would it is in honored to walk out v someone like George, but she actually has her own goals that don’t incorporate George and his money.

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The an effect of his shallow thinking is his rage which leads to your breakup. Beneatha, in turn, has wasted her time top top someone that didn’t even care around her interest.