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"Give the All" is a song by American rock band rise Against. It was originally recorded because that the 2004 compilation album Rock versus Bush, Vol. 1, if a slightly changed version showed up on the band"s 3rd studio album Siren track of the Counter culture later that year. The is a hardcore punk song, through the are about "being a punk rocker in today"s world," according to command vocalist Tim McIlrath. It was released together Siren track of the counter Culture"s very first single in October 2004. in spite of receiving minimal coverage from music doubters who the evaluation Siren song of the respond to Culture, "Give it All" has come to be one of increase Against"s most widely recognized songs, and also is attributed as the band"s breakthrough single. It has been featured on multiple perform of the ideal Rise versus songs, and also peaked at number thirty-seven top top the Billboard different Songs chart. The accompanying music video clip has the band execute in a overfilled subway car, if other civilization travel transparent the city that Chicago vandalizing and also defacing billboards and also posters, v the intentionally of increasing social and political awareness.more »

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Break v the undertowYour hands ns can"t seem to findPollution burns mine tongueCough words ns can"t speak so i stall myself again, climate I autumn to the surfaceFill mine lungs with airThen let the outI give it allThis is the reason that ns singSo provide it allCause it"s these factors that belong come meRock bottom"s wherein we liveAnd still we dig these trenchesBury oneself in themBacks breaking on the tensionFor much too lengthy these voicesMuffled by distancesIt"s time to involved our sensesAnd indigenous the darkWe give it allThis is the factor why ns singSo provide it allIt"s these reasons that belong to meBreathe, the air us giveThe life us liveOur voices increasing distancesSo once my tongueBreak right into songYou grab a competitionSo please believe your eyesOf sacrificeIs no what we had actually in our mindsI"m coming residence tonight, residence tonightWe provide it allThis is the factor why ns singSo provide it allIt"s these factors that belong come meToday I sell up myself to this I"m living because that my dying wishI offer it allNow there"s a reason, there"s a reasonTo give it all

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Rise versus Rise versus is one American punk band from Chicago, Illinois, developed in December 1999. The band currently consists that Tim McIlrath (lead vocals, rate guitar), Zach Blair (lead guitar, backing vocals), Joe Principe (bass guitar, backing vocals) and also Brandon Barnes (drums, percussion). Much more »

Written by: Brandon Barnes, Christopher Chasse, Joseph Principe, Timothy Mcilrath