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I was simply wondering where the fuel pump cutoff switch to be located. There was one in the van of mine old Crown Vic the I had to use once I obtained rear ended 2 year ago, and also if someone access time me again I require to understand where the is therefore I have the right to start my truck again. My van model and also year space in mine sig. Many thanks for your help.

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not to thread jack yet what would be affiliated in making among these? somebody damaged into my truck again and also they tried taking my steering obelisk off.
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not come thread jack but what would certainly be connected in making among these? somebody broke into my truck again and also they tried acquisition my steering obelisk off.
You have a fuel pump fuse. Can rig other up with that. A death switch that only you know where it is.
You aren"t object jacking because my question was answered. And I have one more one: i"m in high school and also i"m in the only progressed auto technology class. We"re law a dirt rack race in May against other high schools and we acquired a automobile donated to us by the world organizing the gyeongju (94 Escort LX). Our automobile has that cutoff switch and also we have to put a fuel pump cutoff move on the dash (not a cutoff set off by an impact, however one girlfriend manually turn off). I was wonder if there"s anything out there that"s cheap, or if someone that knows about the switches to know if we can modify the stock switch.

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I have actually a 1996 Chevrolet C1500, 5.7 prolonged cab short bed. I newly broadsided a eye bank and also my fuel cutoff stich eliminated my strength to the fuel pump. Walk anyone know where ~ above the truck this is situated so that i can get a new one and install it? the a brand brand-new fuel pump like three weeks ago so I recognize its not that. Any assist would be awesome. I have actually to get this truck to run within favor a week and I really cant afford to simply take it to a shop.
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