PROTESTANT HERESIES this day 1: – Making dwellings for God come Dwell In (Houses of the Lord)

God does not dwell in temples made with person hands. A residence of cement sand stones and also wood is no a holy place of God or a residence of the Lord.

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Acts 7:47-49: however Solomon built Him a house. However, the most High does no dwell in temples made v hands, together the prophet says, heaven is my throne, and also earth is my footstool: what residence will construct for Me? says the Lord: or what is the ar of mine rest?

God Does no Dwell in holy places made with human being Hands

When the children of Israel came out that Egypt through the wilderness, God offered to to walk in a tent and in a tabernacle

2 Sam 7:6: whereas I have actually not dwelt in any house due to the fact that the time the I lugged up the youngsters of Israel the end of Egypt, also to this day, however have walked in a tent and also in a tabernacle

The word supplied is ‘walk’ not ‘dwell

King David wanted to construct a residence for God to dwell in however God spoke to Nathan sending out him to King David saying,

2 Sam 7:12-13: and when your days it is in fulfilled, and also you candlestick sleep through your fathers, ns will set up your seed ~ you, that shall continue out of your bowels, and I will create His kingdom. He shall develop a residence for mine name, and I will create the throne of His kingdom forever

Though Solomon, the boy of King David built God a home to dwell in, in the above verse, God was no speaking that King David kid Solomon but Jesus Christ His Son building Him a house. It was a prophecy.

2 Sam 7:14: I will be His father, and He shall be My Son

After structure the home Solomon asked

1 King 8:27: however will God certainly dwell on the earth? Behold, the heaven and also heaven of heavens cannot contain You; just how much less this home that I have actually build?

The home Solomon constructed could no contain God.

Solomon developed God a dwelling house however the kid of God was coming to construct the true home with the throne that His kingdom forever. God can not dwell in a residence made with human hands.

Isaiah 66:1: for this reason says the LORD, ‘Heaven is mine throne, and also the planet is mine footstool: wherein is the residence that you will develop Me? And wherein is the location of my rest?

When the boy of God Jesus come to develop God a house, this is what the said,

John 2:18-19: climate answered the Jews and said unto him, ‘what sign perform You show us, seeing the You execute these things? Jesus answered and said unto them, ‘Destroy this temple, and in 3 days I will raise it up’

The child of God was about to meet a prophecy; building God a temple.

Which temple was Jesus building?

John 2:21: however He speak of the temple of His body

His body to be the temple of God.

On the overcome Jesus develop God a temple making the body of humans the temple of God.

1 Cor 6:19: What? know you not that her body is the temple of the holy Ghost i beg your pardon is in you, i beg your pardon you have actually of God, and you room not your own?

For the human body of people to become house that God, a price had to it is in paid and Jesus paid it. ~ the overcome God began dwelling in human’s body; His temples.

The populated in is the baptism through the divine Spirit.

When God holy place was built by Jesus, the was important for the cement sand rock wood house dubbed the ‘temple’ constructed by Solomon to disappear. Since a temple construct by God Himself might not co-exist v a temple made with person hands.

In 70 A.D, the Romans came down annihilated Israel and also the temple build by Solomon was destroyed. As much as today, the temple has never gift re-build because 70 A.D.

In the dispensation of grace, God does not dwell in homes of cement sand stone and wood made with human being hands however in the body of a human being.

It is till the temple God is dwelling in today leaves the earth that the old Solomon temple will be re-build. Today, God is dwelling in the bodies of every human being who accepts His Son, Jesus Christ.

God’s temple is living human being body v flesh and blood no a dead house of cement sand rock and hardwood made with human being hands.

See what the holy place is and the human body is the holy place of God

PROTESTANT HERESIES now 1: – Making residences of cement sand stones and also wood with person hands because that God to dwell in (houses that the Lord)

One of the biggest protestant heresies now is making houses of cement stone sand hardwood with human hands in the name of ‘God temples’, ‘churches’, ‘houses of the Lord’. The is a large heresy. Why?

1. Jesus Christ did no send any person to construct Him dwellings in the name of temples/churches/houses that the Lord

If the gospel the Jesus Christ should be preached, it need to be preach Jesus way.

Jesus Christ being the gospel (see what the gospel is) did no build any type of house that cement sand stone and hardwood in the surname of a temple or church. He invest His get in ministry on the walk preaching.

When He sent His servants to preach the gospel, the said,

Mk 16:15: go you into all the world, and also preach the gospel to every creature

The word is ‘go’

No maid of Jesus Christ is send come build/open dwellings made with human hands in the surname of temple, churches or houses of the Lord. Every Jesus Christ servant is send to ‘go’ not to ‘huddle’ or ‘commune’.

Even if you are an apostle, a prophet, one evangelist, a pastor, a teacher, you room send to ‘go’ no to develop houses, huddle or commune Jesus being a great example. Jesus had all the five-fold ministries and also He did not build/open a home in the surname of a church or house of the Lord but He kept going.

If Jesus walk not build a home of cement sand stones and also wood, who room you law it? Why are you going almost everywhere the human being opening and building dwellings calling lock ‘temples’, ‘churches’, ‘houses the the Lord’?

For there is just one temple; the human body of person beings and God does not need one more temple.

The temple in Jerusalem to be the only temple God ever commanded. Church buildings, cathedrals, and also such monuments make by human beings are no wanted by God and are filthy in His sight, for the most High does not dwell in houses and temples made v hands. He desires to dwell in you.

Since now Protestants desire to confine/contain God in a residence made with human being hands, He has departed indigenous them. The gospel they preach in these confines is dead through no power, no miracles signs and wonders however outside these dwellings is a living powerful gospel experienced by miracles signs and wonders.

See the kingdom of heaven is no in word but in power

In the Bible, Jesus obtained into this house, threw under the money changers and performed no miracles in them but outside them countless miracles to be witnessed.

If the gospel of Jesus Christ needs to have power, be followed by miracles signs and wonders, it must be preached Jesus Christ method obeying His command; ‘go’. Perform not develop houses in the surname of ‘temple’, ’churches’ or ‘houses that the Lord’.

Jesus Christ did not send His servants to build/open homes in the name of temple, church or residences of the lord neither did He construct one. Follow His command, go.

2. There is just one God temple; the body of people

Why walk Jesus Christ not tell His servants to walk build/open residences in the name of temples and also churches?

Because over there is only one holy place of God; the body of humans. God does no dwell in dwellings of cement sand rock and hardwood made with person hands.

God Does no Dwell in temples made with human being Hands

The consequences of making residences with person hands in the name of churches/houses the the Lord room grievous.

1. That is a authorize of disobedience and also rebellion

Jesus Christ sends out His servants telling them ‘go’. No person is send to construct church houses. Structure these dwellings is disobedience and rebellion to God.

And for these reason, the divine Spirit departs. View why the divine Spirit departs from a person or congregation

2. Holy Spirit departs

When we develop these houses in the name of churches, we room trying come contain God within walls. How deserve to God be contained in a house?

And because that these reason, the holy Spirit departs from the house dubbed temple or church. Reason you cannot see any type of miracles signs and wonders in this houses.

3. Focus goes come these houses while neglecting the true holy place of God

The emphasis in this day protestant is just how to beautify houses called churches yet not beautifying the true church of God; humans. Look at at human being in the protestant houses today. They need food, clothing, deliverance, miracles and signs but their blind brood the vipers are busy building big houses and also beautifying them. A lost generation indeed!

4. The buildings become idols

These buildings called temples/churches/house that the Lord space idols blinding people. An idol is something human being venerate; other they take pride in. Look at how this brood that vipers you speak to ‘God servants’ space priding in your buildings.

Many space in bondage inside these idols. Collection yourself free to prayer the True God.

5. Burdening of the True holy place of God

Because these dwellings have to be kept and beautified, the results are burdening of the true holy place to beautify an idol.

6. The houses become extortion and merchandising centers

As the holy place of Jerusalem i m sorry Jesus obtained in poured the end the changers the money and also overturned the tables was, so room these houses. They are extortion and merchandising centers.

7. Used for selfish gain

Jesus Christ has not send any person to do these church buildings for Him. That is world making them for your selfish gain.

Can you watch the mushrooming the church structures in every edge of this world? God has actually not told any type of person to build/open a residence for Him. That is people doing it for selfish gain.

They room using the gullible world inside the church who absence the fact to enrich themselves and also start reflecting off and also boasting while the true church within these buildings is burdened and perishing.

Isa 56:11: Yea, they are greedy dog which deserve to never have actually enough, and they room shepherds that cannot understand: they every look come their own way, every one because that his gain, native his own territory.

You have the right to see her so-called church leader lavishly reflecting off what they have collected through manipulating you while friend live in poverty and also struggle through bondages yet they cannot deliver you. Brood that vipers!

Stephen said,

Acts 7:47-51: but Solomon constructed Him a house. However, the most High does not dwell in temples made v hands, together the prophet says, sky is my throne, and also earth is mine footstool: what home will develop for Me? states the Lord: or what is the location of mine rest? has actually not mine hand made all these things? girlfriend stiff-necked and also uncircumcised in heart and also ears, you do always resist the divine Ghost: together your fathers did, so execute you.

The stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and also ears constantly resist the divine Spirit native dwelling in them but instead go to develop outward holy places made with hands. These space the persecutors of the gospel; the same who persecuted Stephen.

These are they who have actually gone to build outward temples, imprisoning, persecuting and asking world to give, manipulating the gospel come burden human being to provide money to beautify their rock temples.

You will hear a person say, ‘let’s go to the residence of the Lord’ referring to a residence of cement sand and also stones. A dead residence of stones is no a residence of the lord neither a temple. Friend are the residence of the Lord. You room God’s temple.

Every Bride of Christ must stand and also say,

‘I to be the residence of the lord that structure is not. Ns am God’s temple that structure is not. Ns am the church that building is not’.

To prayer God in truth and in heart you must come to be the temple, the church, the residence of the Lord but not do a home made of cement sand stones and also wood be the temple/church.

God does not dwell in a building, the dwells in our hearts. We carry out not have to satisfy at a special structure or enter a special house to praise God. A church structure is not needed for united state to fulfill or praise God, no one is it essential by the true Bride that Christ.

Did Jesus Christ burned His blood for a house develop of sand stone cement and also wood? An evil generation indeed.

Who has actually send you to build/open a home for the mr ? Who has send you come build/open a house in name of a church? whose gospel is that?

When Jesus Christ call a person and gives the human his/her ministry, he does no tell the person to go build/open a house and call that a church or home of the Lord. He sends out you come ‘go’.

If Jesus go not construct or open a home in surname of a church, why execute it?

Because God can not be contained in a house, wall surfaces cannot be a temple, church or oh my gosh house, His Spirit has actually departed from this church buildings and also no power, no miracles signs and also wonders yet outside this church structures humanity is witnessing the strength of the gospel v miracles signs and wonders.

Say these words.

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‘I am the temple of God. Ns am the home of the Lord. Ns am the Church. The building/house is not. I do not require it to worship my God; God that Abraham, Jacob and also Moses’

It is time Bride that Christ awakens and worships God in truth and in spirit.

See protestant Heresies now 2: – houses of cement sand rock and wood are not the church