"The phrase, you had actually your ass handed to you, deserve to be traced tothe brand-new Testament, when Salome, King Herod"s daughter, danced sobeautifully prior to her father and also his dinner guest the king saidto her, "Ask me for anything friend want, and I"ll offer it toyou."

Salome turned to her mommy who told she daughter come ask for thehead of john the Baptist, who remained in prison. Being the everobedient boy Salome go so. John was executed and his headbrought come the girl ~ above a silver platter.

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Since and also maybe prior having something handed to you top top a silverplatter has meant gaining it without work-related or effort.

Having your head handed to you,

- top top a silver- platter is a longstanding idiom. Figurativelyspeaking girlfriend just acquired killed without your opponent having to placed inmuch effort.

-or your ass--in modern-day slang--is one abridged form of thisidiom.

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Except when your ass is handed to you the connotation is youlive to suffer your defeat.

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