The days of steering 10 come 15 minutes the end of downtown come get even the most straightforward groceries might be ending. A brand-new mini-grocery keep is opened in the 202 Metro building later this year.

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. ( --The job of control 10 come 15 minutes the end of downtown come get also the most simple groceries may be ending. A new mini-grocery keep is opening in the 202 Metro building later this year.

Beth Nieter has actually been life downtown for 3 years now.


“It’s practically for going to work and we simply wanted to be part of it since the downtown is simply growing,” Nieter said.

What’s no convenient - the absence of supermarkets. She needs to trek to Meijer on Illinois road to shop.

“I average that’s the whole allude of being under here, is come not have actually to gain in your car and also drive somewhere."

When she found out about the brand-new grocery store opening in ~ 202 Metro, she to be overjoyed.

“For united state living in ~ Skyline, it would certainly be perfect because it’s literally throughout the street,” she said.

When Junk Ditch Brewing company Co-Owner Dan Campbell to be asked if he ever thought he’d be opened a grocery store shop, he stated “anything’s a possibility.”

Since its opening in 2015, Junk Ditch has constantly focused ~ above supporting neighborhood businesses.

“From once we began the food truck, come now and going forward,” Campbell said.

The grocery keep will reflect that.

“There’s really good local growers and farmers in this region specifically, in northeast Indiana,” he said.

GK Baked items Owner elegant Kelly may agrees.

“Indiana is therefore great. It has such a good food step in we’re may be to create in our own backyard,” may said.

City of fort Wayne Spokesman man Perlich states this is filling a longtime need.

“The bigger grocery chains have indicated that due to the fact that of the proximity to your stores right exterior of downtown, it wouldn’t make feeling for their service model to have actually a downtown facility,” Perlich said.

Which has made it challenging for occupants who don’t have actually the ability to journey ten minutes the end of the downtown area.

“We additionally know that there are areas in our neighborhood that are recognized as food deserts, that have a absence of accessibility to new fruits and also vegetables,” that said.

Perlich states this grocery store is one step towards fixing this issue.

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They arrangement to have the task done in so late 2021, early 2022 pending just how fast building and construction happens.