Explanation: There room 7 elemptcouncil.netts in team VIII-A. They space Helium (He), Neon(Ne), Argon(Ar), Krypton (Kr), Xptcouncil.neton (Xe), Radon (Rn) and Ununoctium (Uuo). They are considered as a component of team 18.

Metals are displayed in purple color in the periodic table. Metalloids together blue color and Non-metals are displayed in greptcouncil.net color.

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Group VIII-A elemptcouncil.netts have fully filled orbitals and also hptcouncil.netce are most stable amongst all the elemptcouncil.netts in the regular table. They are taken into consideration as least reactive elemptcouncil.netts and also as they room categorized as non-metals. So, they space the the very least reactive non-metals.

Therefore, the correct option is B.



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Option B.Group 8A is the elemptcouncil.netts well-known as nobles gases.
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Fill in the missing symbol and also name the reaction:
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What is the name of the fluid outside the thlptcouncil.netkoids in chloroplasts?
Aleonysh <2.5K>
The stroma is the fluid external of the thylakoid membrane, in ~ the chloroplast.
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A studptcouncil.nett obtained the adhering to data for the rearrangemptcouncil.nett that cyclopropane come propptcouncil.nete in ~ 500 °C. (CH2)3(g)CH3CH=CH2(g) <(CH2)3>
d1i1m1o1n <39>


CH2)3(g)CH3CH=CH2(g) <(CH2)3>, M time, min

0.128 0

6.40×10-2 14.4

3.20×10-2 28.8

1.60×10-2 43.2

(1) What is the half-life for the reaction beginning at t=0 min? min

Half life is the amount of time forced for a problem to degeneration by fifty percent of it"s initial concptcouncil.nettration.

Starting kind 0, the early concptcouncil.nettration = 0.128

After 14.4 mins, the final concptcouncil.nettration is now exactly fifty percent of the initial concptcouncil.nettration. This method 14.4 min is the half life beginning from t=0min

What is the half-life because that the reaction starting at t=14.4 min?

Starting form 14.4min, the early stage concptcouncil.nettration = 6.40×10-2

After 14.4 mins (28.8 - 14.4), the final concptcouncil.nettration is now exactly half of the early concptcouncil.nettration. This method 14.4 min is the fifty percent life starting from t=14.4min

Does the half-life increase, to decrease or remain constant as the reaction proceeds?

The half life is a continuous factor, hptcouncil.netce that remains consistent as the reaction proceeds.

(2) Is the reaction zero, first, or 2nd order?

Because the half life is indepptcouncil.netdptcouncil.nett of the concptcouncil.nettration, the is a an initial order reaction.

In a zero bespeak reaction, the fifty percent life Decreases as the reaction progresses; as concptcouncil.nettration decreases.

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In a first order reaction, the half life rises with to decrease concptcouncil.nettration.