Gucci is famous for modern-day luxury items. An ext and an ext people choose to to buy Gucci online due to the lower price, convenience, and more available options. Yet nothing is much more disappointing than obtaining a fake Gucci. Many fake Gucci belts have small imperfections – choose fraying materials, a absent serial number stamp, or less-than perfect stitching. So, it"s an extremely important for us to know just how to distinguish an original Gucci belt native a fake one. Just how To Tell original Gucci Belt from Fake? What need to an yes, really gucci belt serial number look at like? In this real vs fake guide, i will offer you some tips to spot a fake Gucci belt from original. By analysis this article, you have the right to master the an abilities to referee Gucci belts" authenticity immediately. And at the end of guide, I will certainly tell you just how to acquire a gucci belt because that cheap!

How exactly how to inspect gucci belt fake or real?

1、Packaging Box

Gucci use an off-white the shade for their boxes. Over there is a Gucci logo design on the box, the text is very thin and also precise. The fake Gucci box will nearly always have logos that room fading at the corner.

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2、Dust Bag

1) inspect the dust bag for the brand name in gold letters. Every authentic Gucci belts have to come in a dust bag. The enlarge dust bags come in the standard Gucci brown i m sorry tied through a fine brown string and also have the brand name"GUCCI" in yellow gold letters in the center of the bag. There must be a drawstring, with only one string, in the optimal right corner of the dust bag.All authentic newer Gucci belts must come in one off-white dust bag.


2) there should also be a tag on the within of the dust bag that states 'Gucci make in Italy'. The cloth should be made the end of silk.

3) The dust bag should have the label stitched just at the four corners - you can put her finger under the brand from all sides. Fake dust bags are usually stitched completely down the sides, do it difficult to placed your finger through.


3、The Receipt/Proof that Purchase

Ask because that the initial receipt. If you ordered your Gucci belt from almost everywhere other than a Gucci keep or retailer, you need to ask for the original receipt together proof the purchase, which will significantly increase the product's authenticity.

But part sellers also provided fake receipts. A receipt because that an yes, really belt should have actually the Gucci surname at the top, the deal with of a verifiable Gucci save or outlet, including contact information, and also the description/price of the belt involved.


4、The smell of Gucci Belt

If the belt has actually a solid smell or even a remarkable odor, it way that the leather has actually been sprayed and also it smells like real leather. It can have happened due to the fact that they have actually not been made belts appropriately or have been treated poorly ~ manufacture. The actual gucci belt go not have actually any solid or apparent smell once worn.

5、TheMaterialand Leather

1) Gucci is well-known for that is top-class high quality of leather and also craftsmanship. The real Gucci belt leather is of greater quality as well as has more matte appearance than the fake belt leather. And the Monogram canvas version should have actually a systematized GG pattern that starts with the double G logo. If you find tears or bland in the center of Gucci belts, it may be fake. Since the genuine belts have been make through consistent pieces of leather.

2) initial Gucci belts space made with perfect craftsmanship. If you notification any fraying the the materials on the belt, that is nearly certainly a fake. If you notification any imperfections in the brand-new Gucci belt materials, this is a sign that friend probably have a fake belt on her hands.


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1) The genuine belt has actually the “GUCCI” logo and belt details branded right into it. In some newer belts, the rubber stamp is close to the buckle, while some of the enlarge belts stamp the belt toward the center, length-wise. Some fakes have actually no point out whatsoever ~ above the inside.


7、The Holes

The actual Gucci belts must have actually 5 holes. They will certainly not drill holes in top quality leather unless necessary.


8、GG Buckle

1)The GG logo design is the core facet of the Marmont series.This iconic logo is used as a buckle in the Marmont Gucci belt. It's mostly antique brass or shining gold-tone and also sometimes palladium-toned.


2) Fake GG logo design will often appear too shining or orange and also might look refined or lacquered. But the actual Gucci belt looks a little aged/tarnished. And the actual Gucci Belt buckles space heavy and thick as contrasted to fake ones.


9、The Screws

Most models of belt buckles have actually screws top top the back. Check for visible screws ~ above the ago of the belt buckle. If you room buying a Gucci yellow belt, inspect the shade of the screw too. The shade of the screws should also be gold, not silver.

When it pertains to belt loops, be cautious with screws. Gucci belts frequently have the loops sewn in - this requires much more work and well-trained hands. Most fake belts use screws to settle the loop come the belt body


10、GUCCI make In Italy Stamp

1) The ago of every authentic Gucci belts will be significant with a 'GUCCI do In Italy' stamp complied with by an identifying number, consisting of the correct size.

2) more recent versions the the belt and non-leather formats have the logo design stamp near the buckle. The font supplied in the rubber stamp is the 'sans serif' font. Fake belts may lose the rubber stamp or have actually strange or not correct kerning in the text.

3) The totality back/inside the the belt need to be a suede material, nevertheless of the model. More recent reversible belts room excluded obviously.


12、Gucci Belt Serial Number

1) Every Gucci belt has a unique serial number, specifically the last collection of characters. Gucci places all serial numbers and codes inside the body of the belt. An authentic Gucci serial number should be 19-21 digits long. Typically, the number should start with “114” or “223". If her number begins with "1212". It's absolutely a fake.

2) In the brand tag, the an initial line indicates the style number of the belt, the second represents the arts number.The 3rd line conveys the size of the belt, centimeters, and inches, respectively. The fourth line of numbers reflects the caterer code.

For example - the very first 11 number of the serial number " 400593 AP00T" suggest Gucci's brand-authorized supplier code for the certain style. The third collection of characters," 90. 36," shows the size length, 90 shows the dimension in CM, the number 36 indicates the waist size in INCHES. The last set of personalities represents the color; Gucci also uses 4 digits and 6 digits for the last set of serial password for certain items.



13、The Stitching

1) The real Gucci Belt stitching is impeccable and flawless. The reals have actually shorter, thicker, even stitches if fakes use longer ones and not have tight stitches.

2) The seams that the Gucci belts space perfectly aligned and parallel. If you see misaligned or imperfect seams, it can be a counterfeit Gucci belt.

3) The flap behind the buckle the holds the buckle onto the belt is twin stitched in 2 areas to keep it secure. Also, the flap that attaches the end tip to the belt (which is leather on the gucci belts) and also metal on some others, is dual stitched about 6 times to store it secure.

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14、 Beware of short Price

Gucci belts room not cheap, if friend come throughout Gucci belts at an extremely low price you must suspect that you room in front of some copy.

How to get a Gucci belt for cheap?

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