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Also well-known As: etc Hero 2Genre: Simulation, musical Instrument / Band center Developer: Red Octane Publisher: Red Octane ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: April 3, 2007

While play a tune on Hard, it is nearly like the notes on expert. So, after experimenting playing a tune on Expert. I have actually concluded the you can play hidden chords in any kind of song. (I execute a most chords to shot to get an ext acheivments, expect this functions for you, too).* this could would on this pairs too, ns haven"t tried these:Hidden Chords on basic (from Medium)Hidden Chords on medium (from Hard)

First, walk to practice mode under training. Next, select a tune topractice. Then pick to pat the song from the beginning ofverse #1 to the end of verse #2 on basic and collection it to full speed.then practice the song. Hit all of the notes in the song and also rightwhen the last keep in mind is finished, unplug your etc controller,(note: girlfriend cannot use a wireless controller to carry out this cheat). Ascreen need to pop up speak you rock too hard and to reconnectyour controller. Reconnect your controller and also repeat thedisconnecting and reconnecting double more, perform this fast.(threetimes total). Then pause the game after reconnecting for thethird time and quit.(if you did this ~ above time then the pause menushould offer you the alternative to continue, if it does not offer youthis option restart the tune and try again). ~ you have quitgo come career, choose any band, and set the difficuty to expert.Now choose any song and also you will only have to play the an initial twoverses that the song you practiced. You will obtain credit towardsyour career for play the song you chose on expert. (your lastindicator of the fact that the cheat is working, is that you will certainly nothear the crowd cheer if the does). Also note the you will have actually nostar power meter v the song.

For instance if over there is a keep in mind with a black ringaround the top and then after that there are a bigstring of note without the black ring every youhave to carry out is get the keep in mind with the black color ringaround the (strum) girlfriend don"t have to strum because that allof the detailed without a black color ring around it.

If you desire to get new guitars, songs, andcharacters you have to be on challenge medium,hard, or skilled to gain money and likewise go to thestore.

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Press Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Yellow, Orange,Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue,Yellow, Blue, Yellow in ~ the main menu.