Hello! exactly how are girlfriend today? Ready to learn more Portuguese online, i suppose. Today we’ll teach you just how to to speak Happy brand-new Year in Portuguese. Ready? Let’s go!

How come say Happy brand-new Year in Portuguese

Do girlfriend know any type of Brazilians? want to learn exactly how to speak happy new year in Portuguese? this day we’ll teach you part sentences to wish all her friends and family a lovely new year! take a look at some sentences:

Feliz ano novoHappy new Year
Te desejo um feliz ano novoI great you a happy brand-new year
Que você tenha um ano prósperoMay you have a thriving year
Que o ano novo seja repleto de paz, amor e saúdeMay the brand-new year it is in filled with peace, love and health
Que seus desejos se realizem no ano que vemMay her wishes come true next year

You can readjust these sentences follow to what friend wish because that the various other person. What execute you wish for yourself in the year the is coming?

New year in Brazil

How perform you celebrate the brand-new year in your country? perform you know how we storage in Brazil?

We commonly go come the beach or travel with family and friends. We have some traditions that us usually carry out on this date. Desire to learn an ext about them? Read this Dica about Rio de Janeiro new Years.

Something which is really important in Brazil is choosing wisely i beg your pardon color clothing you’re going to wear. It deserve to either be your garments or underwear, yet is an extremely important to think about what you want for the following year and dress according to what each shade represents. Want to discover the an interpretation of each color during the new year? Click here!

Vocabulary for a happy brand-new year in Portuguese

Now that you know more about Brazilian culture and you have the right to translate happy new year come Portuguese, let’s learn more words and sentences that are very important top top this date!

Adeus ano velhoGoodbye old year
Meia noiteMidnight
A contagem regressivaCountdown
A festaParty
O brindeToast
A celebraçãoCelebration
O ano Year
 Novo New
A véspera de ano novo New Year’s Eve
Os fogos de artifícioFireworks
Os pedidosWishes

To end this year, we have actually a special job for you. Try to think, in Portuguese that course, around your critical year.

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Currently think around what you desire for the following one. Compose these sentence in Portuguese, and also share through us below in the comments! If you’re struggling through this, have Portuguese classes v us and we’ll assist you out!

Studying Portuguese is a good goal to accomplish in 2021, am ns right? So, take a look in ~ our classes, students and also teachers in our facebook page.

Feliz ano novo! We, native Rio & Learn, hope all her wishes come true throughout the following year