One the Harry’s ideal friends, together with Ron Weasley. Hermione is Muggle-born (she has non-magic parents) and also is recognized for she intelligence and also magical abilities: she is the top of the class at Hogwarts. This disproves few of the prejudices and stereotypes that civilization like Lucius and also Draco Malfoy have about Muggle-borns; they believe that Muggle-borns space inferior to “pure-blood” wizards, however both Hagrid and also Ron assure Hermione that this prejudice is unfounded. When strikes begin ~ above Muggle-born students, Hermione is easy to understand nervous, and also she functions to stave off her fear in two various ways. First, unlike plenty of other college student who spread out rumors about the room of Secrets and the succession of Slytherin, Hermione looks for out concrete details in the library and also from Professor Binns so the she can learn the truth about the attacks. Additionally, she comes up with a plan to brew Polyjuice Potion, i beg your pardon will permit herself, Harry, and also Ron to transform into Slytherin students and also interrogate Draco Malfoy around the heir of Slytherin. Imminent the potion entails breaking many school rules and also stealing indigenous Snape’s personal store. This is uneven Hermione, who is commonly adamant around following the rules, however like Harry and Ron she understands the value of breaking the rules when she feels that what she is law is ethically right—and come her, staying clear of the assaults is paramount. Hermione at some point pieces together what is resulting in the assaults (the basilisk), but before she can tell Harry and Ron, she is attacked and is petrified. However, Harry and Ron’s commitment to Hermione spurs them to solve the mystery of the room of tricks so that they can make sure various other students perform not experience the same fate. At the finish of the book, Hermione recovers indigenous the attack and is delighted the her friends offered the info she found to end up solving the mystery.

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The Harry Potter and also the chamber of Secrets quotes listed below are all either talked by Hermione Granger or describe Hermione Granger. Because that each quote, girlfriend can additionally see the various other characters and themes related to it (each theme is suggested by its very own dot and also icon, favor this one:

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).Note: all page numbers and citation details for the quotes listed below refer to the Scholastic edition of Harry Potter and also the chamber of Secrets published in 2000.

More than anything rather at Hogwarts, an ext even 보다 playing Quidditch, harry missed his finest friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They, however, no seem come be absent him at all. No of them had actually written come him all summer, even though Ron had said he to be going come ask Harry to come and stay.