Cooking meals is an activity that can advantage both yourself and your relationships with the villagers that Mineral Town. You deserve to eat cook meals to gain back your stamina and also fatigue when eaten, or offered away as presents to raise your love points and friendship point out with other people. Cooked recipes can also be sold to Huang in ~ his shop.

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There space 120 recipes to collect. The recipe book is split into 5 pages that 21 recipes each:

To start cooking you"ll must upgrade her house. Gotts supplies the first house remodeling alternative for 150 Lumber, 50 Stone, and 3000 G. He"ll take 3 days to upgrade your residence to tool size. The residence remodel will incorporate the kitchen area and two food preparation recipes: Sashimi and also Zaru Soba.

Unfortunately you can"t create those meals until you additionally have the ideal cooking utensils. These are sold at Jeff"s grocery store, and also he"ll send girlfriend a mailbox letter as soon as a food preparation utensil becomes easily accessible at his basic goods store:

Seasoning set (2500 G): The work the medium home upgrade is completeCooking Pot (1000 G): 10 days after the Seasoning set goes on saleFrying Pan (1200 G): 10 days after the cooking Pot walk on saleKnife (1500 G): 10 job after the Frying Pan go on saleOven (2500 G): 10 job after the Knife walk on saleRolling pen (750 G): 10 work after the stove goes ~ above saleMixer (1200 G): 10 work after the Rolling pen goes top top saleWhisk (500 G): 10 work after the Mixer goes on sale

You can likewise purchase a Refrigerator native Gotts (2500 G) to save your meal ingredients. A big Refrigerator (5000 G) becomes obtainable for purchase after you upgrade your residence to the big size and you have actually owned the normal Refrigerator for at the very least 3 days.

The food preparation utensils will certainly become easily accessible in sequential bespeak (e.g., the Frying Pan will appear in Jeff"s store even if you haven"t purchase the food preparation Pot yet.) since the Switch variation of friend of Mineral town does not have actually a TV shopping channel, there"s no possibility to accidentally miss a cooking utensil as soon as it becomes easily accessible to buy. The downside is that you can"t skip to a specific utensil in the list.

How to discover Recipes


Friends of Mineral town does not permit experimental food preparation like in the GBA game, wherein you could integrate a arbitrarily assortment that ingredients and hope that doesn"t an outcome in a charred dish; in fact, friend can"t even make a failed food in this version of the series. You must recognize the cooking recipes to cook the meal. There room a complete of 120 food preparation recipes come collect. Also, you perform NOT need to own the kitchen to discover recipes! any recipe you learn before your kitchen is installed will quiet be conserved to her cookbook.

Recipes have the right to be learned by

Giving gifts to villagers. There space 15 recipes friend will receive from befriending villagers. As soon as you have actually reached 4 friendship notes (100 FP) through a villager, offer them a gift that they like and also in exchange they"ll teach girlfriend a kitchen recipe.Watching TV. The 12-episode Tasty Time tv display will transfer every Tuesday on the to chat channel of your television set. Occasionally you"ll discover one recipe, and sometimes you"ll learn two. Over there is additionally one recipe from the new Years one-of-a-kind that airs on feather 5 of your 2nd year (or later). There room 16 recipes the air on broadcast TV.Lou"s recipe Collection. The innkeeper from Forget-Me-Not Valley will visit the 2nd floor the the inn top top Sundays. If you have details recipes in your kitchen cookbook, Lou will certainly teach friend some standard dishes from she hometown. Lou has actually 10 recipes to teach you. (See much more details around Lou afterwards this page)By Inspiration. The majority of the food preparation recipes will pertained to you by incentive that strikes after cooking meals. Together you use ingredients, you"ll learn much more recipes that use claimed ingredients. Because that example, you"ll find out the recipe for Pineapple Juice after you cook 5 bowl that require Pineapple as an ingredient. It can be the very same dish 5 times, or a selection of key that use Pineapple.

Some recipes have an ext than one way that you deserve to learn them. Because that example, Raisin Bread have the right to be picked up by one of two people watching the Tasty Time tv display or by being influenced after cooking with Wild Grapes five times.

For catalyst triggers that need you to chef using various other cooked meals as ingredients, simply cooking the recipe ingredients does not unlock the inspiration. For example, one of the ingredient to trigger the incentive for mixed Smoothie is 5 Fruit Juice. Cooking 5 Fruit Juice won"t trigger the combined Smoothie come unlock; you need to chef a cooking recipes that uses Fruit Juice as an ingredient such as combined Juice (Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + Mixer).

Cooking Meals

To cook a meal, walk approximately the kitchen and press the A button. Choose the recipe from the kitchen cookbook to watch the ingredients you require to have either in her rucksack or inside the refrigerator come successfully cook the dish. If you have actually all vital ingredients, climate you now have actually two an ext options: 1) the top quality level of ingredients (star rank and animal product level) and 2) the number of dishes you desire cooked up. Push the Y button to prioritize between using lower-quality ingredients an higher-quality ingredients, and also press up or down on the left stick to pick the quantity. You can cook up come 9 of the selected dish. Then press the A button to confirm.

You can not manually choose the ingredient to usage in her recipes. Your only option is the Y button to swap between normal and also high-quality ingredients. For example, if you have actually 2 regular Eggs, 25 an excellent Eggs, and 4 golden Eggs in her refrigerator, and you desire to cook the Boiled Egg recipe, the kitchen will cook the dish with either a consistent Egg (normal) or a golden Egg (high quality). There"s no method to pick to use an excellent Eggs as soon as there are reduced and greater quality options. The kitchen will certainly take ingredient from the refrigerator or her rucksack, therefore trying to hide the golden Eggs in the rucksack won"t pressure the kitchen usage the great Eggs. The kitchen sees through gift wrap and also will use packaged ingredients too.

An ingredient"s high quality can benefit the discovery of inspired recipes. Each high quality rank on the ingredient will decrease the quantity of ingredients you need to cook to discover a cooking recipes by 1. Because that example, Miso Soup can be found after cooking 5 meals that use tool Fish and also 10 meals that use Onion. If you chef meals using an Onion v 2 stars the Star Rank, then you only require to chef 5 meals to meet the need to unlock Miso Soup; making use of 2 Onions v 5 stars method you only need to chef 2 meals (5 stars x 2 meals = 10). Because Medium Fish doesn"t have a top quality to it, you would still require to cook 5 tool Fish.

Choosing crops with higher star ranks as ingredients won"t increase the amount of money Huang provides for the cooked meal or increase the quantity of the meal"s stamina recovery.

Jeff"s basic store sells staple ingredients such as Oil, Onigiri, and so on. There are some ingredients you deserve to find growing wild (e.g., Bamboo Shoots). A large portion of the ingredients are developed on her farm.

The Goddess" Collection


In her farmhouse bookshelf you"ll uncover the Goddess" repertoire menu. This ledger will record 108 meals that you have the right to toss into the Harvest Goddess" pond together offerings. She will certainly reward you through items together you to fill in the shadowed entries in she collection:

10 cooked meals: a Moonstone25 cook meals: a Sandrose50 cook meals: a Pink Diamond75 cooking meals: one Alexandrite100 cooked meals: a item of gold Lumber108 cook meals: a Mythic Ore

While there room 120 recipes in the game, the Collection only keeps monitor of 108 cooking dishes. The recipes omitted indigenous her collection are the X Egg, SUGDW Apple, HMSGB Apple, AEPFE Apple, Stamina Booster, Caffeine, Stamina Booster XL, at sight Caffeine, spring Sun, Summer Sun, autumn Sun, and also Winter Sun.

You have the right to toss multiple cook dishes per day right into the Harvest Goddess" pond to add their entry into the Goddess" Collection.

The arsenal ledger deserve to assist those trying come marry Bon Viviant by helping to store track of cook meals that are then donate to the Goddess, as one of the cooking judge"s demands is to chef every recipe in the game. For everyone else, it"s just a fun goal to shot and complete.

Lou"s Recipes

The innkeeper from Harvest Moon: A wonderful Life, known earlier then as Ruby, has actually 10 recipes that she have the right to teach you. Lou will unlock after 75 offerings have been provided to the Harvest Goddess. Departure your farmhouse prior to Noon on the very first sunny-weather Sunday after cram the appropriate variety of gifts right into the goddess" pond to create Lou"s introduction. After that, Lou can be found every Sunday inside the an initial guestroom top top the second floor that Dudley"s inn.


Lou will provide you one cooking recipe if friend have particular cooking recipes currently in her cookbook. The much more you have of this details list of recipes, the an ext recipes you have the right to receive native Lou. Think that it together an tantamount exchange, in a sense; if you recognize three of the prerequisite recipes, Lou will certainly teach you up to three of she recipes at one recipe per week.

The recipes you require to know so that Lou will certainly teach you she recipes are

Zaru Soba: Comes with the kitchen, for this reason you recognize it through default. Simple peasy!Mixed Juice: discover from doctor after he has actually 4 friendship notes.Popcorn: discover from Kai after ~ he has 4 friendship notes.Tamagoyaki: discover from Lillia after she has 4 friendship notes.Chocolate Cookies: find out from Sasha ~ she has actually 4 friendship notes.Bamboo Rice: discover via catalyst by food preparation a recipe that provides Onigiri together an ingredient.Caffeine: find out via catalyst by cooking 20 recipes that use Honey together an ingredient.Curry Rice: find out via catalyst by cooking 5 recipes that use Onigiri as an ingredient.Mayonnaise (L): learn via incentive by cooking 13 recipes that use an excellent Egg together an ingredients. While you have the right to make mayo making use of the Mayonnaise an equipment machine, there is likewise a kitchen recipe because that it. Lou desires this cooking recipes in her cookbook.Miso Soup: find out via motivation by cooking 5 recipes the use medium Fish and also 10 recipes that usage Onion.

Lou will offer you this recipes based upon the variety of prerequisite recipes you currently know. It appears for the very first four recipes, you don"t need to have cooked the prerequisite recipes utilizing your kitchen, yet for the higher-level recipes (like fall Sun), friend do need to have actually cooked the dish. For example, I had not cooked a Caffeine yet, so Lou would not provide me the fall Sun recipe. After ns cooked a Caffeine utilizing my kitchen, Lou lastly coughed increase the loss Sun recipe. Girlfriend can chef a prerequisite recipe on Sunday and also then speak to Lou.

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Wild Grape WaterVegetable JuiceRoasted Corn (Gray"s +800 LP gift)Baked AppleCurry BreadRelax Tea LeavesSuper CaffeineRelax TeaSpring SunAutumn Sun

Lou doesn"t offer any an ext cooking recipes after ~ she teaches you all 10 recipes.