Family Written by Macy Gray, Keith Ernesto Harris (as Keith Harris) and also Ayanna Howard Percreated by Macy Gray Publimelted by Happy Mel Boopy's Cocktail Lounge/Universal Music - Z Songs (BMI), Broke Spoke and Gone Publishing/Universal Music Corp. (ASCAP), New Heat Music/Universal Music Corp. (ASCAP), TYPEE Music (ASCAP) and also MY TY PE Music Publishing (BMI) Courtesy of Tyler Perry Studios

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Crazy Beauty Queen Written by Dedrick Barringer, Jason Dees, Victor Holmes/Newguy and Tyrone Perkins Percreated by Radio Traffic Published by Hit Instinct Music Group (BMI) and A 76 Production (ASCAP) Courtesy of Success Victory Global LLC
Explosion Written by Eli 'Paperboy' Reed (as Eli Husock) and Ryan Spraker Percreated by Eli 'Paperboy' Reed Publiburned by Make It Real Publishing (BMI)/Chrysalis Songs (BMI) and also 33 Legend Music (BMI) Courtesy of Capitol Records Under license from EMI Film & Television Music
Get Dat Written by Johnny Caruso and also Samuel Hall Zeines Percreated by Samuel Hall Zeines Published by Rabid Turtle Music (ASCAP) and also SZM Publishing (ASCAP) Courtesy of Clockwirk Music
Odyssey Chaser Written and Performed by Michael J. Stern Publiburned by Ready Jungle Cat Music (ASCAP) Courtesy of Michael J. Stern
Thicky Trick Written by Vito A. Colapietro II (as Vito Colapietro), Neely Dinkins Jr. (as Neely Dinkins) and Brandon T. Williams Percreated by DJ Troy$e Published by Atom Factory Music Licensing (BMI) Courtesy of Atom Factory Music Licensing
Ain"t Nobody Perfect Written by Delia Gartrell Shaw and also James Timothy Shaw Perdeveloped by The Mighty Hannibal Publiburned by Bold Lad Music (BMI) and also Captain Music (BMI) Courtesy of James T. Shaw
If You"re Wrong (I Don"t Want to Be Right) Written by David Basinger, Nathan Basinger (as Nate Basinger), Sarah Cram, Eddie McKinley, Douglas Roberkid (as Doug Roberson), Katherine Ruestow (as Kathy Ruestow), Abbie Sawyer and James Viner (as Jim Viner) Percreated by The Diplomats of Solid Sound featuring The Diplomettes Published by Samovar Groovathon Music (BMI) Courtesy of Pravda Records By setup through The Orcdifficult
Come On in the Room Written by Milton Biggham Percreated by Tyler Perry Published by Peertunes Ltd./Arisav Music Inc. (SESAC) Courtesy of Tyler Perry Studios
Tired Written by Anthony Crawford (as Anthony "Shep" Crawford) and Kelly Price Percreated by Kelly Price Publimelted by Shep & Shep Music (ASCAP) and also For the Write Price, Inc./Roynet (ASCAP) Courtesy of Sang Girl/My Block/Malaco
Heaven Waits Written by Tyler Perry and Elvin Ross Percreated by Chandra Currelley-Young and also Ron Grant, accompanied by the MBHF choir Publiburned by TYPEE Music (ASCAP) and also MY TY PE Music Publishing (BMI) Courtesy of Tyler Perry Studios
Booty Shake (Clockwirk Mix) Written by Amelia Kremer High Percreated by Mia Publiburned by Aim True (ASCAP) Courtesy of CC Music Makers
T. Eyeball Written by 'Cheapshot' (as C. Fisher) and also Jakid Rabinowitz (as J. Rabinowitz) Performed by Bridge Compositions Publimelted by Bridge Compositions Music Publishing (BMI) Courtesy of Bridge Compositions
Thru the Roof Written by Danny Johnson, Dorian Johnson, Ronald Johnchild and also Miles Labat Performed by Danny Wayne Publiburned by Sicmoney Music (ASCAP) and also Miles Labat (BMI) Courtesy of ARTISTFINDERS

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1-800-Choke-That-Ho Written by John Austin, Nicole Cathren Bellinghausen, John D. Norten, Tyler Perry and Samuel Hall Zeines Perdeveloped by Noelle, John Austin and also Samuel Hall Zeines Published by TYPEE Music (ASCAP), MY TY PE Music Publishing (BMI) and T PERRY PUBLISHING (SESAC) Courtesy of Tyler Perry Studios