Honda is one of the brand names the you can trust once it involves automobiles. Moreover, Hondas room so trustworthy that they likewise make top quality consumable components – one of which is the Honda 15400-PLM-A01 Oil Filter.

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The Honda 15400-PLM-A01 Oil Filter to be the standard oil filter for virtually all the gasoline vehicles that came out because that Honda and also Acura design years 2009 come 2018. Return Honda stop this oil filter, the is tho a sought-after part by Honda auto owners, specifically the hardcore fans.

Read top top to discover out much more about the Honda 15400-PLM-A01 oil filter and why many Honda fans like it.

Unfortunately, Honda discontinued the 15400-PLM-A01 filters; however, friend can find the A02 filters on Amazon:


Click right here to watch it ~ above Amazon.

Honda 15400-PLM-A01 Oil Filter

The Honda 15400-PLM-A01 Oil Filter is the share oil filter with many Honda and also Acura vehicles from approximately 2009 come 2018. Honda changed them v the Honda 15400-PLM-A02. The more recent oil filter somewhat looks similar, but purists insurance claim that the 02s don’t to compare to the 01s.

Filtech Manufactures A01 Filters

Filtech was the manufacturer of the A01 filters. It is the same agency that provides Wix oil filters. If you open up the filter cartridge, girlfriend will uncover that the filter media seems various from the various other brands. It looks like a fabricated weave fairly than treated paper.

It has actually a bigger Surface Area

Also, contrasted to the A02 filter, the A01’s filter media has a bigger surface area, 151 square inches, to it is in exact. It outcomes from Filtech utilizing deep pleating the tool to throw in much more inside the small shell.

However, the A01, as great as it is, is not perfect. It additionally has a pair of minor flaws. One such flaw is that the bypass valve has actually a metal-to-metal contact. This boosts the danger of undesired bypass trickling, though you are assured the it is not by much.

It Does no Come through the timeless End Caps

The A01 filters execute not come v the timeless end caps. This filters use a felt-like material that seals the end of the pleated filter media just enough to avoid oil bypass. The base gasket is specifically for Honda vehicles.

Hemispherical Design

It has a hemispherical design with a level surface pressing versus the baseplate and a bent surface versus the block. It likewise has a unique, semi-labyrinth seal positioned in between the filter core and also the anti-drain ago valve, one of the industry’s finest seals.

It to be unfortunate that Honda made decision to discontinue the 15400-PLM-A01 because it was among the most reliable oil filters to ever come out for their vehicles.

What Is the Honda 15400-PLM-A02 Oil Filter?

Compared come the 15400-PLM-A01, the A02 do by Honeywell has actually a cheaper building quality. The biggest trouble with the A02 is that it offers cardboard endcaps for the filter media. Cardboard endcaps have proven come be highly unreliable.

They disintegrate easily, defeating the function of the filter by putting contaminants into the oil. Plenty of Honda automobile owners have tendency to stay away indigenous the A02 filters, opting to use various other aftermarket oil filters. Some also scour eBay because that the A01 filters.

Are the A02 Filters the Bad?

Although the A02 oil filters carry out not do quite well together the A01, they are not fairly as poor as the Honda purists would desire you come think. At the an extremely least, these filters will certainly not wreck your auto or cause any type of serious damages.

Yes, the A02 filters have poorer building and construction quality contrasted to the A01. It additionally has a smaller filter surface ar area. However, consider that Honda themselves allowed the change, so over there is no real hazard using the A02 filters. You require to adjust your engine oil and filter at the encourage intervals, and you should be simply fine.

Why carry out Honda Owners favor the A01 filter More?


Perform significantly Better

Not only do the A01 filters perform substantially better, but the A02 filters likewise have far-ranging flaws. Ask roughly in virtual Honda forums about what lock think the the brand-new Honda 15400-PLM-A02 oil filter. Some of them will certainly most likely say the you should adjust it as soon as you can.

Longer Lifespan

Many Honda owners say that they have actually a shorter working lifespan compared to the original filters. Some reported that the A02s just lasted a tiny over half the lifespan of the A01.

However, practically all agree the the nipple-type threaded connector is horrible. That is almost impossible to obtain the filter screwed on the an initial try, and it is likewise easy come cross-thread, therefore you must be extra careful. It is a little disappointing, seeing together they expense just around the same.

Where deserve to You Still uncover the 15400-PLM-A01 Filters?

Unfortunately, Honda discontinued the 15400-PLM-A01 filters together they to be the exceptional product contrasted to the A02s. Also online, you no much longer will find any type of A01 filter on significant retail sites. The A02 filters, due to the fact that they are now the official filters, are much easier to find:


Click here to see it ~ above Amazon.

You deserve to now only buy the A01 filters from personal sellers who stocked up on them prior to Honda stop them. Carry out expect the they will price a bit much more than they initially did, yet you need to still try looking because that sellers who did not hike their offering prices as well much.

What perform Oil filters Do?

The function of the car’s engine is to develop power to do the car move forward. The does that with a process called internal combustion. Basically, countless tiny explosions are happening inside her engine every minute. This process involves plenty of moving pieces, v each one needing lubrication the the engine oil have the right to provide.

The engine oil rises the engine efficiency and protects its contents from extreme wear and tear. To store the oil flowing freely throughout the engine, the will require an oil filter.

It supplies an oil pump to gain the engine oil circulating v all the engine’s vital components. However, the older the oil gets, the more dirt and debris it accumulates, turning it right into a thick sludge.

To save your oil viscous, her engine needs an oil filter. This component removes nearly all the dirt and debris rely in the oil. The keeps the debris from reaching the engine components, thereby staying clear of excess wear.

Without one oil filter, your engine will should work more tough to produce the very same amount of strength it used to. Left unattended, the engine will at some point stop running.

What wake up If you Don’t readjust Your Oil Filter?


Here’s the situation: you decided to readjust your car’s oil, but you forgot to buy a new oil filter. Will certainly it be it s okay if friend just changed the oil and not the filter?

Here room the points that might happen:

1. The Engine Oil won’t Be Filtered

As mentioned earlier, the duty of an oil filter is to eliminate the contaminants exposed in the oil. This stays clear of them from finishing up in the various other parts the the engine and also disrupting their functions. Oil filters are consumable parts. This way you have to replace castle after a certain time. In this case, you have to replace them every time you change your engine oil.

Not instead of the filter means it will acquire so complete of contaminants that it can no longer organize more. This way that oil will flow through the filter without cleaning the oil. It would certainly be choose you execute not have an oil filter at all.

2. The Engine Oil Will rotate to Sludge

If you did not adjust your oil filter, even if you changed the oil, it will most likely turn into an engine sludge in simply a couple of months. V nothing to prevent dirt and also debris native accumulating in the engine oil, the would swiftly turn into a thick sludge that will only make your engine run very inefficiently.

3. The Sludge will certainly Fill the Engine

When most of the engine oil turns to sludge, it no longer attributes as a lubricant. Instead, it will certainly clog increase the interior moving parts, making your engine operation harder to administer your automobile with power. Since of the boosted friction in between the relocating parts in the engine, suppose serious damages anytime soon.

4. You Will ultimately Need to change the Engine

Because that the significant wear and also tear motivated by the engine no having ideal lubrication, the interior moving parts will seize and no longer function. If it involves this point, the only options you have would be a complete engine rebuild or a replacement of the whole thing.

You would most likely need to replace the engine. That is the more cost-effective route. Top top the other hand, it would certainly be much better to offer up top top your negative old vehicle altogether at this point.

The oil filter is not just a small, trivial component that you have the right to ignore. As you can see, that is the crucial to the efficiency and longevity of a vehicle.

Conclusion – Honda Oil Filter 15400-PLM-A01

The Honda 15400-PLM-A01 Oil Filter came standard in all Honda and also Acura vehicles indigenous 2009-2018 until it was discontinued and replaced with the A02 filter. Even though the is already discontinued, many Honda owners are still in search of the initial A01 oil filters or noþeles aftermarket that is no the A02.

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The A02 oil filters will not damages your vehicle engine immediately. The problem is the it is far listed below the initial A01 oil filter in terms of performance. If you have actually no other an option other 보다 to use the brand-new OEM filters, it is ideal not to miss out on an oil change, also by just a couple of days.