Table tennis round is likewise known as ping pong ball. Lock come from spherical polymers and also have to be custom-made in the sport.

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Ping pong ball is one of two people orange or white. You might see the orange balls in part casual competitions because they are easy to watch. Meanwhile, main games often use white balls with environment-friendly or blue tables.

There are numerous interesting facts around the balls, consisting of their size, weight, materials, and stars.

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How huge Is A Ping Pong Ball?

The ping pong ball is little and lightweight. A standard ping pong ball attributes the diameter the 40 millimeter (1.57 in), a fixed of 2.7 grams (0.095 oz), and also the circumference with 4.94” | 125.6 mm.

They also have a one of 4.94″, or 12.56. However, most human being like to pick ping pong balls by your diameter quite than their circumference.



The ping pong ball dimensions & weight

What Is A Ping Pong round Made Of?

To get rid of the flammability began from the celluloid, manufacturers regularly use acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) to do ping pong balls.

However, producers have actually improved the materials due to the fact that 2014. There have actually been far-reaching advancements in the varieties of polymers and also plastics accessible these days.

There room some criter to produce a ping pong ball. For example, the balls must have a regulation size, color, and weight.

Moreover, the thickness and sphericity need to depend top top the standard. Over there are likewise rules on the packaging and labeling.

However, there room no regulations because that the material of the balls. The ITTF release the rule to stimulate advancement and the investigation of innovative materials.

How much Does A Ping Pong sphere Weigh?

Ping pong balls should weigh 2.7 g. Through that weight, it deserve to officially appear in the tournaments.

If the sphere is heavier, the football player may have to smash it lot harder to hit it over the fence. Meanwhile, the lighter balls will be extremely difficult to control, make the game more difficult than it needs to be.

Are There various Size Ping Pong Balls?

The official video game balls have the diameter the 40mm (1.57″).

The majority of the balls space this regular tournament size. However, over there are also 38mm balls available, such as the Franklin Sports sphere with the size of 38mm.

Ping pong balls v the diameter the 38mm are speedier and spin more than those through the diameter that 40mm.

After the Olympics 2000 in Sydney, the 40mm ping pong ball became the brand-new standard. Yet, some players usage 38mm balls.

You have the right to test both 40mm and also 38mm balls to discover which you like.

What room Ping Pong sphere Star Ratings?

Producers use the stars to rate a ping pong ball. Each ball has actually a variety of stars based on how fit and food lock are. The bulk of them adhere to the main ITTF guidelines.

One star

These balls autumn under the one-star categorization category. Football player in young teams or institutions will benefit from them.

The balls space usually soft and also cannot endure repeated heavy strikes for long periods in ~ a time.

They are inexpensive. You have the right to purchase lock in bulk.

It needs to adapt the table tennis rules to join the competitions.


One-starred balls are perfect for young players (Link)

Two stars

The two-star category group consists of these balls. They’re advantageous to every player that wants to progression in the game.

The balls are perfect for use in part robot games and also other maintain sections.

This segment consists balls that only directly missed meeting the greatest criteria by a little margin. If lock orange or white, large 40mm, and also weigh 2.7 g, they’re perfect for professional matches.


Balls through two star are beneficial to players who are progressing in the game (Link)

Three stars

The three-star ranking uses to together balls. They room of the highest quality and comply through all international regulatory requirements.

The ITTF has approved the balls. Hence, these balls have to be your first option if you want to development your video game to the next level. They have passed every the exam before showing up in the market.

The stars deserve to handle a lot of pressure and also usually last because that a long time. The ITTF has actually compiled a perform of enterprises that it believes are qualified of generating these balls. Non-listed enterprise are likewise fine if they have actually the ITTF inspect their balls.

Three-starred balls are the main balls for expert competitions due to its quality. The is why it ranks the highest.


Three-starred balls space the main balls for skilled competition (Link)

Fun Facts

Some human being have done some interesting calculations. They want to recognize whether how countless ping pong balls have the right to fit in a 747? or some large space like an Olympic pool, a college bus, a room, etc. Right here is the result:

The containerApproximately the number of ping pong balls
A Boeing 747-40022,870,000
An Olympic pool100,750,635
A college bus1,095,529
A room1,567,164
A car56,778
A cubic foot432

Frequently asked Questions

1. What go 40+ average on the ping pong balls?

When the ITTF approved plastic balls because that competitions, they also increased the dimension allowance the the balls.

A celluloid round is roughly 39.6mm in diameter, but the new plastic balls are roughly 40.2mm. It renders the plastic balls around 0.5mm larger. They use “40+” to note these balls.

2. What ping pong balls does the Olympics use?

In skilled competitions prefer the Olympics, the accepted balls must have actually the diameter that 40mm, and a weight of 2.7g. They may be white or orange in color.

3. How frequently should I change ping pong balls?

If friend buy a 12-pack the three-starred balls, they must last you about three months, noted that girlfriend don’t shed them.


Now friend may have actually the answer for how big is a ping pong ball. In general, a ping pong sphere is 40 mm in diameter. The dimension does not readjust much in the balls.

However, they may come throughout the balls in various colors and also materials. The variety of stars might vary in every ball.

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Above is a comprehensive explanation of ping pong balls. If you still need any type of further information, please let us know.