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wherein did I acquire these numbers and also calculations?Check outthe good book experimenting the Unknown: GreatMysteriesReexamined by Charles J. Cazeau and also Stuart D. Scott, Jr. (1979,Plenum Press, brand-new York). The publication goes into much greater information anddiscussesother scientific proof (such as whereby did every the water come from?).Other chapters resolve Stonehenge, Easter Island, Atlantis, UFO"s,TheBermuda Triangle, and other interesting topics.


Notexactlya cruise ship.

Did Noah"s Ark yes, really exist?

Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No.

You get the idea - this conflict will go on forever. I"m noteven goingto attempt to prize this one.

Instead, let"s just look at the physical facets of the ark.As youwill quickly see, problems were not ideal.

We recognize that the ark was bigger 보다 a rowboat, yet smallerthan theTitanic.

In fact, we know its specific size - it was 450 x 45 x 75 feet,with anapproximate volume of 1,518,750 cubic feet.

How did they gain this number? Very simple - it"s declared in thebible.(Actually, it"s proclaimed in cubits, not feet).

Sohow manyanimals execute we need to fit in this place?

Let"s leave the end the fish, together they can"t drown.

Bugs and plants - permit "em drown.

So, we"re left through the birds, reptiles, and also mammals.

Conservatively, there were 3500 types of mammals, 6000species ofreptiles, and also 12,000 types of birds. Add this every up and also you get21,500different species. Of course, over there were two of each, or 43,000individualson the boat.

Now let"s execute some quick math:

1,518,750 split by 43,000 is about 35 cubic feet peranimal.

Wow! that sounds favor ample space.

Wrong! the is around the dimension of a person coffin! (6 x 2 x 3 =36cubicfeet)

A little cramped, yet a possibility.

Uh, Oh!

We forgot about food and water!

This would take up quite a bit of space, together they weresupposedly onthe ark for at least 275 days.

Water storage is a big problem. After ~ all, friend can"t drink thesaltyseawater.

If we number an average of 1 quart every day because that each animal,Noah wouldhave to store away 1,263,125 gallons the the liquid. Of course, the wasrainingquite heavily, so the supply could have been significantly less.

Let"s not forget the room needed for cages, partitions, andpassageways.

We require even much more space for any offspring created along theway.

If we take right into account every one of these components - we have the right to make oneconclusion:the ark must have been very cramped, unsanitary, andoppressive.

Even worse, over there were only eight humans and also some 43,000animals screamingfor your attention.

This method that each person was responsible for feeding,watering, andcleaning 5375 pets each day. If castle slept four hours a day, theywouldneed to treatment for 270 pets each hour. Wow! much easier said thandone.

Some might argue that these numbers suggest that the ark to be animpossibility.On the other hand, some would certainly say that these calculations aremeaninglessdue to the strength of the almighty. I"ll let you decide foryourself.

One point that we deserve to be certain of though - a trip on the arkwas notlike a honeymoon ~ above The Love Boat.

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