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H o w D ns d the J u d g e F i n d out A b o u t the Rotten M ns l k ?

Do every exercise and also find your answer in the password Key. An alert the letter beside the answer. Write this letter in package containing the number for the exercise.

I. Complete each statement.

(T) 2 angles space complementary if the amount of their measures is (2^ two angles are supplementary if the amount of their steps is _ (3^ The complement of a 30 angle has a measure up of . (T) The supplement a 65 angle has actually a measure of .

II. Discover the measure up of each numbered angle.

17 J


CODE vital

23 D 30 Q 36 T 52 A 60 R 65 U 80 1 90 .0 100 H 107 S 115 E 144 W 180 N

10 114 13 7 12 16 6 118 17 20 i 8 19 21 11 22 15 center SCHOOL MATH through PIZZAZZ! book D n 0 ^ 1989 creative Publications U - O i

TOPIC 3-g: related Angles created by Intersecting lines



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