With the rise of cities, of modern life, and of fixed culture, many civilization moved to urban areas. Countryside America, unable to capture up with these new developments, to be often taken into consideration a relic that the past, conquered by old traditions. This attracted writers such as Flannery O"Connor. These writers focused on the rural aspects of American life, and their writing ended up being regional.

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Flannery O"Connor is recognized for her themes that integrates the change of traditional values and contemporary values. The increase of cities enables her to portray her functions effectively and also make a to compare on them. In among her works, "Everything that rises Emerge", it tells of a college graduate kid that knows better of the world and also his mother who is uncomfortable on anything new in the city.

The exactly answer must be that their writing came to be regional, focusing on rural aspects of American life.They wrote around behavior in a smaller area and also tell stories around the way of living of those world their. These locations were rural and had a cultural mark that would easily be lost in a city where cultures just blend because there"s too countless differences in between people.

The climb of cities and also mass culture affect writers such as Flannery O’Connor by making them venture to the creating of memoirs of your experiences in time of war and also in time of peace. Lock wrote about several realistic experience which hope to stir up the inner turmoil of the brand-new generation. 


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