I just gained a brand-new computer from my folks and have to be unsuccessfully trying to watch a movie. My Dad insists it has a DVD drive, yet I can not tell. How do i ascertain what kind of hardware I have actually on my computer without tearing the thing apart?

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You’re not the an initial person to be a little bit baffled by just how Microsoft home windows XP hides your hardware configuration details, yet there space a couple of means you can try and figure out whether your absence of DVD capability is a difficulty or just a non-DVD compatible drive. The most basic is to simply open up start -> settings -> manage Panels -> System:

Then you’ll desire to click the Hardware tab, in ~ which suggest you’ll see this:
As you can expect native the descriptions, you’ll currently want come click on an equipment Manager
and also then wait a few seconds while that launches:
I have actually opened up the “DVD/CD-ROM drives” area by clicking the small “+” symbol adjacent.

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Hopefully you’ll view something called “DVD” or v “DVD” in that name, together I perform on this pc which has actually both a CD burner and also a DVD leader installed.Double click the separation, personal, instance hardware machine you want to learn an ext about and also you’ll acquire a quick review of that capabilities and also featureset:
Notice carefully the text in the center box to ensure it suggests it’s all functioning correctly. You want to view “This machine is working properly” as demonstrated here.Oh, if you’re right here you can additionally check that you have actually your DVD player collection to the correct an ar for movie playback too:
That answer your concern of just how to ascertain if you have a DVD drive, but the bigger inquiry of why you can not watch movies, well, if friend do
have actually the DVD drive and also can’t acquire it to work, that’s probably something else and also your very first step would be to test out the DVD in concern in who else’s computer to make certain that it’s pc compatible.

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