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Your computer’s “clipboard” is wherein content the you reduced or copy is temporarily stored. Microsoft Office has its own clipboard, however, that’s more powerful.

The home windows clipboard only stores the critical item girlfriend copied. However, the Office clipboard stores approximately 24 text and also graphical items from Office documents and other programs. You deserve to paste the item into any kind of Office document in any kind of order, which have the right to be really useful when working on a huge document.

To use Office’s clipboard, first select the text or photo you want to include to the clipboard and also copy (Ctrl+C) or cut (Ctrl+X) it. The message or photo is duplicated or cut to both the windows clipboard and also the Office clipboard. Copy or cut any other info you want to add to the Office clipboard. Once you copy or cut multiple items, only the critical item you copied or cut is obtainable on the home windows clipboard. But, every the items (up to 24) space stored ~ above the Office clipboard.

By default, when you copy information, a an alert displays in the lower-right corner of the display showing girlfriend the items number the end of 24 friend just replicated or cut. You deserve to turn this an alert off if friend don’t choose it, and also we’ll display you just how later in this article.

To open the Office clipboard and accessibility the items you replicated or cut, make certain the home tab is active, and also then click the “Clipboard” switch in the lower-right edge of the Clipboard section.


By default, the Clipboard pane is anchored come the left side of the Office routine window.

If girlfriend click the Paste switch on the house tab or push Ctrl+V, you paste the contents of the home windows clipboard, no the Office clipboard. To paste things from Office’s clipboard, simply click on that article on the Clipboard pane.

NOTE: You can detach the Clipboard pane indigenous the Office program home window and relocate it wherever you want. To do this, click and also hold ~ above the Clipboard pane’s location bar until the cursor becomes a four-way arrow. Drag the pane where you want to placed it. To anchor the Clipboard pane come the appropriate side that the Office regime window, merely drag the there till it snaps right into place.

You can also click the down arrowhead on things and choose “Delete” come delete an item from the clipboard.

You can additionally use the Office clipboard come copy and also paste items from other programs. Perhaps you desire to collect some text and images from other programs and also paste them into parts the a word document. For example, we duplicated a sentence native a Notepad file…

…and it was put on the Office clipboard, in enhancement to the home windows clipboard. Then, we placed the cursor in ours Word file where we desire to paste the message from Notepad and clicked on the Notepad items on the Clipboard pane to dough that text.


You can also paste all the items native the Office clipboard at once into an Office document.

The items room pasted in the order they to be copied, very first to last. The items space pasted together one paragraph, as shown below. Us turned on non-printing personalities in the example below to present the paragraph mark at the finish of all the items us pasted indigenous the Office clipboard.

Sadly, you cannot reorder the items on the Office Clipboard pane.

There space some choices on the Office clipboard that allow you to customize the behavior of the clipboard. Once an alternative is on, a blue box through a inspect mark display screens to the left the the option. Picking an alternative toggles that alternative on or off.

Show Office Clipboard Automatically: displays the Office Clipboard pane when you copy much more than one item. This choice is no on through default.Show Office Clipboard when CTRL+C is Pressed Twice: permits or disables the capacity to display the Office Clipboard when you press Ctrl+C twice. This alternative is no on through default.Collect Without mirroring Office Clipboard: instantly copies items to the Office Clipboard there is no displaying the Clipboard pane. As soon as you choose this option, the Clipboard still shop content replicated or cut from anywhere. This choice is not on through default.Show Office Clipboard symbol on Taskbar: display screens the Office Clipboard icon in the notification area of the windows taskbar as soon as the Clipboard is active. This choice is on through default.Show Status close to Taskbar once Copying: permits or disables the an alert box that appears in the lower-right corner of your display screen that claims “Item collected” once copying or cut items. This alternative is on through default.

To remove all the items native the Office clipboard, click “Clear All”. Once you clear the Office clipboard, the home windows clipboard is additionally cleared.

To near the Office clipboard, click the “X” button in the upper-right corner of the pane.

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The items on the Office clipboard stay there until you exit all Office program or delete the items native the Clipboard pane, as we defined earlier. You can likewise use the spike to copy and also paste message in Word. The Spike operates in different way from the Office clipboard and also you have the right to read about how that works and how to use it. You can additionally move or copy content in Word without affecting the Office clipboard or windows clipboard in ~ all.

Lori KaufmanLori Kaufman is a an innovation expert through 25 years of experience. She"s to be a an elderly technical writer, worked as a programmer, and also has also run her own multi-location business. Read complete Bio »