If you meet that special someone when on a pilgrimage to Norway, be prepared with these simple romantic phrases.

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Basic Love in Norwegian

Let’s begin with the basic phrase: ns love you. ~ above the one hand, if you occur to loss in love v a beautiful Norwegian when on a two-week continue to be in that country, more power come you. Top top the various other hand, I’d advise against making this expression the first thing friend say to someone, no matter how numerous drinks into the evening you occur to be.

To say i love friend in Norwegian, sayjeg elsker deg. Keep in mind the in Norwegian this phrase actually hasmoreweight than I love you does in English – in English, you have the right to actually say ns love you come a friend, as it have the right to imply different varieties that love. In Norwegian, this is almost exclusively supplied to interact passionate romantic love. Usage it wisely.

Another option is to use the phrasedu betyr så mye for meg(you median so much to me). This has actually a bit more flexibility together it doesn’t come appropriate out and also say it but is commonly used to indicate a deep emotional feeling.

Once You’ve discovered Love

So did you do it met your spirit mate and also embark upon a whirlwind romance over the remnants of her trip. Congratulations! here are part phrases that will come in handy: to say “I miss you” (which will certainly be usual on the phone after you’ve changed home, sayjeg savner degorjeg har savnet deg(I’ve missed you – an essential distinction).

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If you desire to convey an ext passion in your pining (and who doesn’t) I’d suggest the phrasejeg lengter etter deg, whichtranslates to“I long for you” and should just be provided under controlled circumstances, as otherwise, it can lead to unforeseen escalation of relationship status.

To crank the passion level down a bit and also be an ext playful, why not go with “You’re cute,” i m sorry isdu er søt. This gets the main message across without sounding prefer you’re from a poor romance novel or prefer you’re proposing marital relationship on the very first date!

Of course, I’ve constantly found that when it concerns romance there truly is a universal language, and I’ve never had trouble communicating in the one no issue where i am. Endure tells me we’re all born fluent in it.