ns was simply in Albuquerque, new Mexico and riding a neighborhood bus. The door had actually a authorize saying (in English and ptcouncil.net)

Wait for Light Then open up Door

Espere la Señal, Luego Habra la Puerta.

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Aside native the comma absent in the English text, ns am confused around the use of Haber instead of Abrir in the ptcouncil.net text. Come me it seems to say then there will be the door (except that then technically it should be habrá).

Is this a mis-translation? Or a use of Haber that i am not familiar with? Or possibly a regional usage that Haber?


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You room right. "Habrá" means "there will be"

The authorize is wrong. The word have to be "Abrir"

Also the usage of the resources is incorrect.

Correct choices would be:

Espere la señal luminosa, luego abra la puerta.

Espere (por) la luz y abra la puerta.

Espere que la luz se encienda y abra la puerta.

In any type of case the correct word is abra

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What was intended was

Abra (formal imperative for abrir, to open)

Confusion about which words take a silent H and also which don"t is incredibly common amongst Mexicans, mexican Americans and Chicanos. If someone has a small trouble through this aspect of spelling, through no method can we assume the human is ignorant, stupid or uneducated.

There is a particular charm in this sign. It is composed in a organic way, and reads like it to be designed by someone bilingual. A scenario that suggests itself is that the person who wrote it functions at the bus company, was raised speaking ptcouncil.net at home and also some other settings, yet had official schooling generally or completely in English.

A indigenous speaker that ptcouncil.net will imagine the sound of the word and also parse that accordingly. Learner of ptcouncil.net easy to understand lean more on the created letters to figure things out, and might find it confusing.

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Regarding the capitalization: In English it"s typical to use title instance for signs; it"s only organic that a bilingual sign bring that over to the ptcouncil.net. Check out https://ux.ptcouncil.net.com/a/28299/69183 (regarding headings and also instructions in websites: "Title instance propagates in ptcouncil.net pages due to the fact that it"s less complicated to write and because of the influence of the USA sites").