What"s the best method to describe a penis in a casual, yet not necessarily overtly sexual, way, akin to saying dick in English?

Take for instance this sentence from the autobiography that Ice-T:

I had a catheter up my dick and I simply lay there <...> v my totality shit exposed.

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I feel confident the no one would mean Ice-T to refer to his male member together a prick while recounting his “gangster life,” especial when the expression fucked up complies with shortly afterwards. I would also not suppose anyone to imagine he has its sexual function in the forefront of his mind (he might be involved for it on a sex-related level, however a human body in pains is first of every a human body in pain, and not an device in pain).

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The vulgar expression dick pretty much coincides to

Schwanz (tail)

A much less vulgar option (although slightly more context is needed) is

(jemandes/sein) Ding (someone"s/his thing)

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user1076174 That depends on just how you define non-sexual, however it's unlikely. Descriptive clinical colloquial.
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One could include the following:

Der Schniedel … tallywacker

Der Pullermann/Pillermann … pee-pee

which space usually supplied for the prick when talking to (and about) kids.

You may additionally use:

Der Schaft … shaft

Die Rute … pole (but i typically heard this use in instance of pets like dogs)

Der Dödel … putz (I also never heard it in this context, however found that on the link mentioned above!)

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If you want to refer to a prick in a casual, however not necessarily overtly sex-related way, in ptcouncil.net language, you could use the word

der Penis.

This is a latin indigenous and way "tail" in English or "Schwanz" in ptcouncil.net. It was supplied by ancient romans as a dirty word and also was began to be offered as "official" native in medication in 19th century, and from its clinical use it to be imported right into english and also ptcouncil.net together a indigenous to name this organ in a serious way. In ptcouncil.net it deserve to be supplied in a casual means too.

The ptcouncil.net Word, that is (almost) cost-free of sexual connotation is

das Glied.

often also

das männliche Glied.

But »Glied« is rarely used in colloquial talk.

Also the ptcouncil.net translation of the latin indigenous penis is used in ptcouncil.net to surname the masculine organ. This indigenous is

der Schwanz.

I think, that »Schwanz« is the most used ptcouncil.net word for the penis. It has actually a sex-related connotation, however it is not so solid as in the most other alternatives. And also therefore ns think, that of all ptcouncil.net choices »Schwanz« has the biggest similarities to dick.

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Another word with a similar degree of sexual connotation is

der Pimmel.

But, as I go notice, Schwanz is more often supplied than Pimmel, but there can be an excellent regional differences, and also differences the come from the social status.