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The queen in England is called "The Queen", yet how do you analyze this right into What I read in the dictionary is confusing. Please keep the answer simple as I"m no fluent in English (and not in either).



It is La Reine (of England, i m sorry is noticeable in England) or La Reine d"Angleterre,

like The President is Le Président (in France):

in political paper definition in France: Le Président (shorter), or Le Président de la République (more formal), or Le Président français, or Le Président (François) Hollande.

in various other contexts in France: Le Président de la République as soon as it is not apparent (because there room thousands of presidents, nearly every organization has actually one or several).

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in international countries, we deserve to hear (depends on journalists) Le Président français, Le Président de la République française, Le Président Hollande.

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