In English, you can say a food is hot and also spicy. "Hot" refers to the burn sensation indigenous chilli and also "spicy" is gift flavoured with or fragrant with spice.

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I understand in Khmer you have a details word for hotness the chilli and another for temperature. Using the "hot" for temperature when referring to dishes will certainly not do sense.

In, is it precious to use "caliente" to refer to hotness the chillis (i.e. The burn sensation and also not temperature)? Is there a one-to-one tantamount translation the "hot and spicy"?

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In general, once speaking around food, caliente describes temperature (for example, some soups are offered hot and some are offered cold). Picante describes the burning impact of chile, garlic, pepper and other spicy ingredients. If you desire to describe a dish or a variety of chile together being specifically strong, you would certainly say

Pica mucho.

If it"s as well strong:

Pica demasiado.

If the doesn"t contain any kind of of this form of ingredient:

No pica.

If you unexpectedly feel uncomfortable since of eating some chile that"s too solid for you, you would certainly say

Me enchilé.

However, if you"re speak figuratively, sometimes the common way to say the something package a many punch is caliente. For example, in the kingdom of salsa music (música tropical), English worship would be the the musicians were "cooking" and also that the music was "hot." In you could use "caliente" in this context.

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