In most cultures, it is custom to express gratitude in some means or another. The dictionary defines gratitude as follows: the is “the high quality of being thankful; readiness to display appreciation for and to return kindness”. Providing a sincere, thankful response to someone’s action or words is often the ‘glue’ that keeps relationships together. This is true in most societies! Doing for this reason in a international country likewise shows your respect and appreciation for the culture. Words have good power – use these ones sincerely and often!

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So, just how do you speak ‘Thank you’ in Filipino? You can learn easily! Below, bring you perfect translations and pronunciation as you find out the most typical ways Filipino speakers say ‘Thanks’ in various situations.


1. 12 methods to speak ‘Thank you’ in Filipino

1- give thanks to you.

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The magical words that can bring a laugh to any face. Because that one day, truly median it whenever girlfriend say these words, and see how this elevator your heart too!

2- That’s an extremely kind the you.

Napakabuti ninyo.

This expression is proper when someone plainly goes the end of their means to give great service, or to sell you a kindness.

3- many thanks for your type words!

Salamat sa iyong mga papuri!

Someone payment you a compliment and made you feeling good? that is type of him/her, therefore express your gratitude!

4- say thanks to you because that coming today.

Salamat sa pagdating ngayong araw.

This welcome phrase should be part of her arsenal if you conducting more formal meetings v Filipino speakers. If she hosting a party, this is likewise a an excellent phrase once you greet her Filipino guests!

5- thank you for her consideration.

Salamat sa iyong konsiderasyon.

This is a more formal, practically solemn means to give thanks to someone for their thoughtfulness and also sensitivity towards you. It is also suitable come use as soon as a aboriginal speaker has actually to think about something girlfriend submit, prefer a task application, a job or a proposal. You space thanking them, in essence, for time and also effort they are about to, or have spent on her submission.

6- many thanks a lot!

Maraming salamat!

This way the same as ‘Thank you’, however with energy and also enthusiasm added! It method almost the very same as ‘thank girlfriend so much’ in Filipino. Use this in one informal setting with her Filipino friends or teachers.

7- Teachers like you space not basic to find.

Ang mga guro na katulad ninyo ay bihira.

Some phrases are compliments, i m sorry express gratitude through inference. This is one of them. If you’re specifically impressed through your teacher, this is fantastic phrase to memorize!

8- thank you because that spending time v us.

Salamat sa iyong oras na makasama kami.

Any host at a gathering through Filipino speakers, such together a conference or a party, should have this under his/her belt! usage it as soon as you’re saying goodbye or liven closing a meeting. It could also be another lovely method to give thanks to your Filipino language teacher for she time.

9- give thanks to you for being patient and also helping me improve.

Salamat sa iyong pasensiya in ~ pagtulong na mapabuti ako.

This phrase is one more sure method to melt any formal or unshened Filipino teacher’s heart! to teach is no easy, and also often a the majority of patience is required from the teacher. Say thanks to him/her because that it! It’s also a an excellent phrase to usage if you job-related in Philippines, and want to thank your trainer or employer. You will go a long way towards making yourself a renowned employee – gratitude is the many attractive trait in any kind of person!

10- you’re the ideal teacher ever!

Ikaw ang pinakamahusay na guro magpakailanman!

This is likewise an enthusiastic means to give thanks to your teacher by means of a compliment. It can just make their day!

11- give thanks to you because that the gift.

Salamat sa iyong regalo.

This is a great phrase to remember as soon as you’re the lucky recipient of a gift. Show your respect and gratitude with these words.

12- I have learned so much thanks come you.

Marami akong natutunan, salamat sayo.

What a wonderful compliment to provide a good teacher! It means they have succeeded in your goal, and you’re thankful for it.

2. Video clip Lesson: learn to say ‘Thank You’ in 3 Minutes

With a hundreds dialects and also two officially well-known languages (Filipino and also English) there are several methods of to express thanks. Allows take a look in ~ the most common ways of saying “thank you” in Filipino. Together in many languages, there are formal and also informal methods of showing thanks.

1- Salamat.In Filipino “Thank you” is salamat. Words salamat is the casual means of speak “thank you” or “thanks.” now in Filipino there are other means to to express one’s gratitude. Over there is a formal way to carry out this.

2- Salamat po.In Filipino the Formal means of to express gratitude, e.g. “Thank you” is salamat po. This phrase is used among older people to present politeness and respect.

3- Maraming salamat po.For really special occasions once someone goes above and past the speak to of gift kind, once someone is exceptionally generous, or at any kind of other time you’re exceptionally grateful, we have the adhering to phrase to express gratitude: maraming salamat po (Thank you an extremely much). The an initial word maraming means “many.” it is adhered to by salamat, i m sorry in English is “thanks” and also it is then followed by po. Po has actually no tantamount word in English. Po is provided in phrases as a sign of respect come older people. The whole phrase is maraming salamat po. The informal method of speak this phrase is maraming salamat.

Cultural InsightsQuick pointer 1Salamat is the Filipino word because that “thank you.” You might want to use a more formal expression to express your gratitude, in this instance salamat po is an ext appropriate. You would use salamat po if you were thanking who older than you. In expressing extreme gratefulness you might use maraming salamat or “thank you really much.” In impressive circumstances, you may incorporate the three phrases in ~ the same time: maraming salamat po.

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Quick reminder 2The many typical way of saying “thank you” in Filipino is salamat. The is also the informal or the casual means of expressing your gratitude to someone you space comfortable with favor friends or casual acquaintances.

On the run to the Phillipines? Wait! girlfriend can’t walk without some straightforward language unit volume under your belt! particularly if you heading to satisfy your prospective employer! one of two people in person or online, knowing how to to speak ‘Thank you’ in the Filipino language will only enhance their impression of you! conserves you time v this brief lesson that nonetheless packs a punch. Discover to to speak ‘Thank you’ in Filipino in no time!

3. Audio Lesson: survive Phrases – say thanks to You


Perhaps girlfriend think the unimportant the you don’t recognize what ‘Thank you’ is in Filipino, or that it’s too an overwhelming a language to learn. Yet, as a traveler or visitor, you will be surprised in ~ how much you have the right to go utilizing a tiny bit of Filipino in Philippines!

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At, we sell you a few ways of saying ‘Thank you’ in Filipino the you have no excuse not knowing, together they’re so an easy and simple to learn. The great is geared to aid your ‘survival’ in formal and informal instances in Philippines, so nothing wait! You will never need to google ‘How execute you say many thanks in Filipino’ again…!