Ooo, the looks dangerous! be careful! Learn just how to say this phrase comfortably in conversational English: what native or syllables come reduce, how to attach everything together, and the melodic form of the phrase.

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In this American English joint video, we’re walking to examine the joint of the phrase: it is in careful.

This is part of a sentence examine series, wherein we look in ~ a short, usual phrase, and also discuss that is pronunciation. An initial let’s look at it up close and in slow-moving motion.

Let’s look at the stress. Da-DA-da, be careful. This is a three-syllable expression with stress on the middle syllable. Click below to see the video I make on three-syllable phrases, or view the link in the description.

We start with the B consonant, for this reason the lips space together, and also we’re voice it, bb, bb. Climate they part and we have the EE vowel. The jaw doesn’t really have to drop for that, and the corners that the lips could pull a little wide, ee, be, be. The tongue guideline is here, touching the earlier of the bottom former teeth. Next we have the K consonant sound. To shift into that, simply transition the earlier of the tongue come the soft palate, it is in c-. Care-, -care. Then we’ll release right into the EH as in BED vowel. The vowel adhered to by the schwa/R sound here. The jaw will certainly drop a an excellent bit for this vowel, particularly when it’s in a stressed syllable. Ca-, ca-, -care. The tongue pointer is forward, emotional the earlier of the bottom prior teeth, but then the starts to pull back for the schwa/R sound. So because that the R, the tongue is pulled ago so it’s fatter, and the guideline isn’t poignant anything. The tongue will certainly touch the roof of the mouth, or possibly the teeth, around here. Care-. This is our stressed syllable, for this reason it will be longer, and also have that up/down shape of the voice. Care-, care-, careful. Now we have the F so the bottom lip will certainly come up and also make call with the peak front teeth, caref-, ff. The tongue will certainly come earlier down again for that sound. So that pulls back and move forward again, it’s a fast motion to make that R. Caref-. Currently we have actually the schwa/Dark l sound. You deserve to really obtain by with simply make the Dark sound, that’s what most Americans do. So, let your lip relax down from the F. Keep your tongue pointer where the is, and also pull the back part of the tongue back, uhl, to make the dark sound, -ful, -ful. Girlfriend don’t require to carry the tongue pointer up, simply leave that down. Careful, careful. Be careful! da-DA-da, be careful.

Let’s clock one more time in slow motion.

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This video is part of a series. Click below to see various other videos as with it. If you have actually a expression you’d like to indicate for this series, please put it in the comments.That’s it, and thanks so much for utilizing Rachel’s English.