The U.S. Government Printing Office style Manual (PDF),in multiple contexts throughout Section 12 (“Numerals”),gives the following examples of correct usage:

the 1-mile road6-inch gunsfour-room houses5-foot-wide entranceseven-story building8-year-old wine

So, while i can’t uncover a ascendancy that actually spells this out,they seem to donate a hyphen between the number and also the unit that measurement.

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In ar 9, “Abbreviations and also Letter Symbols”,they say the “square foot” is abbreviation “ft2”,but they nothing show any examples of making use of it through a number. They support the abbreviation “sq.” only once referring to location names; e.g., Herald Sq.


According come NGrams, "sq. Ft." or "sq ft" is vastly desired over "sqft".

The use of a hyphen is a stylistic selection but due to the nature of "sq. Ft." being 2 words the choices are quite limited:

1000 sq. Ft.

1000 square-foot

The details example of "1000-sqft" is non-standard.



"This is a 1000 square-foot room." The associated Press format guide has actually a ar on dimensions. Although that doesn"t straight say, the instances online show no hyphen in between the number (or units) and what is gift measured. You should spell the end the units entirely.

There is no main authority on how to write suitable ptcouncil.net, for this reason there may be various other acceptable answers also.

Citing the Purdue associated Press layout page due to the fact that the main AP reference is behind a paywall:https://owl.ptcouncil.net.purdue.edu/owl/resource/735/02/

Edit - discovered an official answer on an AP FAQ. Find "dimensions" to discover it:https://www.apstylebook.com/?do=ask_editor&pg=faq

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