The electrical force between two fee particles counts on 2 things. What are these two things?
How go the electric force readjust as charged particles are lugged closer together? drawn further apart?
The closer they room to one another, the higher the pressure is between them. The further they are relocated apart, the weaker the pressure is in between them
Through which method is fee transferred once a comb is rubbed with your hair? If the comb strips electron from her hair, it i do not care charged how? your hair i do not care charged how?
Friction. The comb becomes negatively charged and the hair becomes positively charged due to the fact that the comb strips electrons turn off of her hair.

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The charges in an object have been rearranged offering one side of the object a slight optimistic charge and also the other side the the thing a slight an adverse charge. The object all at once is tho neutral.
If you charge a balloon negatively, it have the right to be grounding on a wall surface and that will continue to be in place. Deserve to the exact same thing be done with a positively charged balloon?
Yes, a positively fee balloon will induce a fee on the wall and allow it come stick similar to a negatively fee balloon would.
Two fees exert a certain force top top one another. Exactly how is the force impacted if the size of each fee triples?
How is the force between two charged particles influenced when the distance in between the two charged particles is halved?
Two fees separated by one meter exert a 1 newton force on one an additional if the dues are moved o 0.5 m the separation, what will be the force that the particles exert on each other now.
They flow when there is a complete circuit and also when there is a voltage difference throughout the ends of the wire.

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When is a 9-V battery is associated to a resistor, 1 A of existing flows in the resistor. What is the resistor"s value?
What happens to the present moving through the power resource as an ext bulbs are added to a circuit in series?
Parallel. If they were series, as quickly as one appliance to be turned off the others would shut off together well.
Two lamps, one with a thick filament and one through a slim filament are associated in series The present is better in which lamp?
Two lamps, one v a special filament and also one with a thin filament are connected in parallel to a battery. The voltage is greater across which lamp?
Two lamps, one with a thick filament and also one v a thin filament are linked in parallel come a battery. The present is largest in which lamp?
If the voltage that a circuit is decreased to a quarter of its initial value, what happens to the current in the circuit?