Crystal Garden


requirements addressed: 3.c Students recognize atoms and also molecules form solids by building up repeating patterns, such as the crystal framework of NaCl or long-chain polymers. 9.a Plan and conduct a scientific investigation to test a theory

Independent variable


Dependent variables

Crystal elevation as a role of temperature


Crystals grown in ~ room temperature (avr. Temp.= 23 C)


Crystal growth in cold temperatur (5 C).

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Crystal development in warm temperature (41 C)


3 Sponges

1/4 cup Uniodized Salt

1/4 cup Distilled H20

1/4 Mrs. Stewart Bluing agent (laundry whitener)

2 Tbsp. Ammonia

Food coloring

Glass pie plates (3)

3 Thermometers


Arrange the sponges in the pie plates, cutting them in appr. 1" pieces. Integrate salt, water, buing agent and ammonia in a bowl and mix well. Pour the mixture over the sponges, and also spoon continuing to be thick mixture end each plate.

Sprinkle drops of food color (using different colors will allow for much more colorful crystals).

Place each pie plate in cold atmosphere (refrigerator), heat environmnet (hot plate) and normal temperature environment respectively. Ensure continued temperature manage by place a thermometer near each plate. Do sure locations are quiet and totally free of vibrations.

Record hourly transforms (height the crystals)

Crystal growth

Height Temp.

The table supplied to document data have to contain the independent change (time) and the depedent variable. Additionally, the temperature can also be taped to assure environmental problems are maintained. Back temperature dimensions should it is in taken numerous times throughout every day, they have the right to be averaged to everyday temp. Readings.

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Crystal expansion Warm T. Time (hr)
Height (mm) Temp. (C)
0 0 41
2 4
4 7
6 10
8 13

This is the table representing the data built up from the warmth temperature sample. To make sure the salt crystals had sufficient time come develop, the data was videotaped at 2 hrs intervals. Clearly, the sample kept at warmth temperature was the most abundant and also fastest growing one. The table shows a remarkably similar pattern of development at each time interval. The warm temp. Crystals prospered appr. 3 mm every 2 hours, and also mainained that growth throughot the size of the experiment.

decision Growth regulate Time (hr)
Height (mm) Temp (C)
0 0 23
2 0.5
4 2
6 4
8 5
16 5