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Nonstop journey time

How much is the distance between Gainesville and Tallahassee? The straight drive from Gainesville, United states to Tallahassee, United claims is 150 miles or 241 km, and also should have actually a journey time of 2 hours in regular traffic.

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Gainesville come Tallahassee drive time v breaks

Driving native Gainesville come Tallahassee takes about 2 hours if you do it nonstop, and also given that it's simply 2 hours, girlfriend probably have the right to do that in one walk without issues.

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If you want to protect against along the way, though, over there are certainly interesting sights come see! take it a look in ~ the best stops on a Gainesville to Tallahassee journey for part inspiration.

Going back? How much is Tallahassee from Gainesville?

Honestly, the shouldn't differ by too much, yet if you're curious around the drive back, check out the turning back directions to see how far Tallahassee is indigenous Gainesville.