Every as soon as in a while, you may need to be away from your furry piggy for a couple of days or a few hours. Like various other living beings, you need to ensure her guinea pig has sufficient food and also water.

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However, what wake up if your take trip is extended and your pig runs out of food and water? just how long do you have prior to they dice of starvation? Let’s discover out.

How Long can Guinea Pigs walk Without Food?

Guinea pigs deserve to go about 6 come 8 hrs without food. Anything much more than this deserve to lead to minister blockage, i beg your pardon will at some point lead to death. Research study has shown that guinea pigs must consistently save eating in stimulate to save their digestive mechanism healthy.

There hasn’t been any studies done mirroring exactly how lengthy guinea pigs have the right to go without food. Ns mean, who desires to conduct together an experiment on such a cute being? But, it’s nearly obvious that these small pigs can’t stay long without food. If girlfriend observe your furry pig, friend will notice it’s continuous munching top top something, either hay or veggies or pellets.


1. Let a friend help

This is the most logical point for most world to do. However, guinea pigs’ treatment is slightly various from the of other common household pets choose dogs and also cats.

Luckily, that isn’t facility either. In fact, lock all require to know which foods items to provide your pet, just how to clean the cage, and how long the pet requirements to be the end of the cage playing. If you have someone helping care for your pet, you can travel as lengthy as you great without worrying.

2. Think about boarding your guinea pig

Boarding her guinea pig in ~ a kennel isn’t together a poor idea. Many kennels already know what this piggy’s should be healthy, so that won’t it is in an issue. Also, they will certainly gladly take treatment of your pet for several days, and also the charge isn’t anything to break your bank.

If your local kennel doesn’t enable it, talk to your local pet shop or vet. One of them is likely to help.

3. Download multiple water bottles

Sometimes, girlfriend only have to be away for a job or two. In this case, have multiple water bottles installed in your pet’s cage, therefore they have access to clean water at every times. Also, leave them enough food, and you are an excellent to go.

As a rule, though, have actually a girlfriend or neighbor inspect on your pet, particularly if you recognize you expand your trip. This way, you space still on height of things and know if something goes wrong.

4. Collection up a camera

This is especially advantageous if girlfriend don’t have anyone to popular music in and check on your pet. Collection up a camera that transmits directly to your smartphone so girlfriend can examine how your pet is doing any time that day.

If her pet runs the end of food and water, you will certainly tell easily and make plans, so who replenishes your stock. Many importantly, you deserve to tell if your pet isn’t acting normally, for this reason you deserve to raise the alarm and get someone to take it them come the vet.

Because we live in a digital world, pet cameras are readily accessible in the market, and also they aren’t the expensive come acquire.


Traveling can’t be entirely avoided in the human being we live in today. However, as soon as you have a guinea pig, friend still must ensure castle have enough food and also water and also are fine cared for as soon as you space away. Through now, you currently know how to make certain your pet is fine attended to.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Why perform guinea pigs refuse come eat?

Guinea pigs may refuse to eat for numerous reasons. It can be because of a change in weather, specifically when it’s as well hot, i can not qualify to chew properly, a readjust in diet, among other things. First, constantly check if you have changed anything lately. If conditions are still the same and also the trouble extends to number of days, you have to be worried.

Lack that food causes irreversible transforms to her guinea pigs’ liver and also digestive system. So, if you an alert they haven’t consumed in six hours, take it them to the physician as soon as possible.

How execute I phone call if my guinea pig is hungry?

Guinea pigs have actually one that the fastest metabolic rates, i m sorry is why they keep eating every the time. Come tell if they space hungry, check if your guinea pig is wheeking more than usual. Also, when you walk into the room, check if your pig stand on its hind legs. This is one indication they might be hungry. Also, they end up being lethargic and observe to see if girlfriend will notice they require food.

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How long have the right to guinea pigs walk without pellets?

Pellets are greatly supplements and also only constitute around 5% the guinea pig’s food. This method pallets aren’t exactly an essential for these cute pigs. In fact, they can go a lifetime without eating pallets, and also they will certainly be fine. However, if her guinea pig doesn’t prefer veggies, pallets come in handy together they complement nutrients.