Although Aloe Vera is also known as the plant of immortality, Aloe Vera itself isn’t immortal. If you are asking yourself the inquiry “does Aloe Vera gel expire?” girlfriend should recognize that Aloe Vera commodities do expire. Like any kind of other organic issue or plant product, Aloe Vera gel does go negative after a details period.

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It is vital to note that the specific shelf life because that Aloe Vera products varies. To answer the question “does Aloe Vera go bad?” in a much better way, us won’t simply look in ~ the shelf life the Aloe Vera gel. Us will also look in ~ the shelf life for other Aloe Vera products.

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Here is The Shelf Life Of various Aloe Vera Products

Raw Aloe Vera Products

When us talk around raw Aloe Vera products, we space referring come homemade Aloe Vera products, consisting of the Aloe Vera gel you extract at home. The assets are extract from freshly reduced Aloe Vera leaves. Since they do not undergo heat processing or pasteurization, the commodities do not have actually a long shelf life.

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Shelf Life for Raw Aloe Vera Products

For life Aloe Vera products, you must expect the adhering to shelf life:

24 hrs when kept at room temperature5 to 7 days once refrigerated1 to 2 weeks when frozen

Pre-Prepared Aloe Vera Products

Carefully handle Aloe products contain preservatives that save their helpful ingredients energetic for longer periods. However, also for pre-prepared products, the answer come the question “does Aloe Vera go bad?” is still yes. Below, us will assist you understand the shelf life because that the various pre-prepared Aloe Vera products:

Aloe Vera Gel

When stored every the accuse on the label, Aloe Vera gel features a normal shelf life that 2 years. Friend don’t need to refrigerate the gelatin to enjoy the Aloe Vera skin services for 2+ years. However, you will have to store the gel in a cool, dry place. If you have actually to carry the gel outside – for example, as soon as you require to explore the outdoors ~ donning your hiking boots – be sure to store the gelatin in your hiking backpack, far from direct sunlight.

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Shelf-Life for Pre-Prepared Aloe Vera Gel

If you are still wondering does Aloe Vera gelatin expire, the shelf life listed below should answer your question much more ideally:

2 to 3 years when kept in ~ room temperature5+ years when frozen or refrigerated

Aloe Vera Juice

After buying Aloe Vera juice, you need to refrigerate it. Refrigeration will allow you to gain the Aloe Vera juice benefits for an extended period.

It is crucial to note that the shelf life for the unopened product different from that of an opened up Aloe Vera juice. Unopened and also refrigerated Aloe Vera juice can last for numerous years. Opened up juice will last for just a few weeks.

Shelf Life because that Aloe Vera Juice

If you have just purchased your Aloe Vera juice and also you room wondering go Aloe Vera go bad, the shelf life listed below should help you usage the juice prior to it go bad:

2 come 3 years as soon as unopened and also refrigerated2 come 4 weeks when refrigerated after ~ opening

Aloe Vera Capsules

While capsules perform not require refrigeration, they should be save in a cool, dry place and also away from straight sunlight. With ideal storage, the bio-active ingredients in capsules should last because that an mean of 5 years.

However, if you save the capsules in extreme heat or a place featuring incredibly high humidity, the capsules will shed their properties sooner.

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Aloe Vera Capsules Shelf Life

In cool, dried conditions and also away from sunlight, the capsules will have the shelf life below:

5+ years

Note: You need to avoid refrigerating Aloe Vera capsules.



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If you have actually wanted to know the answer come the inquiry “does Aloe Vera gel expire?”, this post has the price you have actually been spring for. Come ensure that us have noted a comprehensive answer come the inquiry “does Aloe Vera go bad?”, we have actually looked in ~ the shelf stays of other Aloe Vera products.

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Proper storage problems can assist extend the shelf life of Aloe Vera products. In enhancement to great conditions, freezing and also refrigeration can make your Aloe Vera commodities last longer.