Can anyone give me favor a rough estimate or if you’ve purchased favor from overseas of the shipping? due to the fact that I’m in the thought of pre-ordering Yuragi-no Yuuna san JP Weiss Schwarz psychological deck native amiami. However I’m sort of having actually this emotion that mine package will come favor 2 to 3 month after release.

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It usually relies on the shipping rate you chose. It need to give approximates on the site prior to ordering. If that doesn't contact support and also they should offer you one estimate

I’ll shot to contact their support due to the fact that it doesn’t give any estimates most likely because of it being a pre-order

Animal from my experience can be fairly good. I'm in Australia, so expect the same. They many sent it via SAL (if i remember correctly). Yet a week is commonly a good bet.

If two-three weeks to by and nothing has been watched ask them. However they're generally really great (TBH this was earlier in 2014.)

I bought stuff from amiami newly they let you pick two choices for global one is EMS (insured, tracking, and signature required) and SAL (never provided option two, cause its not insured and also my area ~ no that good with packages. World here steal stuff). Usually after ship, that is anout a 1 week to 1 and fifty percent weeks most of that is v customs

Depends on i m sorry shipping option you choose:

There's additionally the shipping FAQ on their website that provides you estimates

DHL - I've checked out DHL packages display up in ~ 2 days (including weekends). Wonder fairy transport device that will guarantee you acquire hit v import fees if you really can't wait. *Not easily accessible for some countries/orders.

EMS - Usually shows up in ~ 5 service days. Obtaining hit through import fees is 50/50 indigenous experience.

SAL - 1 to 3 weeks. Usually only usage this because that smaller/lower price orders. Constantly get the tracking.

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