Picture this scenario, you have actually gone to the keep or farmer’s market and have purchase a entirety batch of exhilaration salmon.

You are ago home now and you realize that you will not usage all the packets you have actually bought, allow alone finish one. What come do? ns have discovered myself in the same fix quite a variety of times.

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Lucky for you, and also me, also though smoked salmon can and does go bad, that does save fresh because that a period of time. Typically, every packet the store-bought acting salmon comes v an expiration date printed top top the labelling.

Ideally, the smoked salmon must keep well up to that date however will, however, begin to weaken in quality previous the expiration date.

This simply method that when eaten or used, the smoked salmon will generally not be as tasty as a fresh packet of the same.


More specifics if friend are handling an unopened packet of smoked salmon, storing it in the frozen refrigerator will keep it fresh because that a duration of up to 1 week.

When moved to the freezer, the properly vacuum-sealed packet will certainly last for a period of between 2 come 3 months.

As for opened packets of acting salmon, they will keep freshness in the refrigerator for a duration of in between 5 to 7 days and a month in the freezer.

How long does exhilaration salmon last?

The answer to this question greatly depends on the atmosphere in which the packet or container of smoked salmon has been stored and whether it has been opened up or not. Unopened packets of smoked salmon commonly go for 1 week in the fridge and 3 months in the freezer. Opened packets walk 7 job in the fridge and also 1 month in the freezer.

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What is the best means to store smoked salmon?


More often than not as soon as you walk to the save to purchase a packet or packets of exhilaration salmon, friend will discover it preserved at the refrigerated ar or isle that the store.

As such, it is a no brainer that smoked salmon requirements refrigeration to store fresh and also maintain optimal notch top quality for longer periods that time.

What this way is that immediately you get ago home from the save or farmers market, be sure to promptly deliver the acting salmon into the refrigerator, especially if you space not crawl to usage it immediately.

Leaving the exhilaration salmon on your kitchen counter for a few minutes together you prepare the various other ingredients is not taboo, simply make certain to not leave it the end for also long.

It is worth noting that there room some carriers that execute sell your smoked salmon unrefrigerated. In these cases, if the packaging claims that the acting salmon have the right to be stored at room temperature, then, by every means, you have the right to leave it out.

Just ensure to place the smoked salmon in a dark, dry place, preferably in the pantry.


When taking care of smoked salmon leftovers, refrigeration is the best way to go. Simply ensure that the container they room in is resealable.

If you do not have one at hand, you deserve to transfer the smoked salmon right into a freezer for sure Ziplock bag. And also yes, smoked salmon have the right to be frozen.

This deserve to be excellent in its initial packaging if the is resealable and also unopened.

However, if opened, transport the exhilaration salmon right into freezer for sure Ziplock bags and also make sure to squeeze the end all the overabundance air prior to placing castle in the refrigerator.

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How to pick the best Smoked Salmon once buying


Of course, smoked salmon is a crowd favourite, especially roughly the vacation time. And if you are hosting the year Christmas party, I know you want to impress.

Well, let me aid you through the info that will come in handy when you room purchasing the smoked salmon so that you get earlier home through a fresh batch.

To begin off, look at the method of smoking. Together we have noted above, we have actually cold smoked and also hot exhilaration salmon. Now, while hot smoked salmon has a much longer shelf life, cold exhilaration salmon has most if not every one of its nutrient preserved.

This way that you was standing to get much more nutrients native it than from hot smoked salmon. This would likewise be the ideal option if you want to use it in a enjoy the meal soon.


Secondly, check out because that the increasing of the salmon. Ideally, we have wild caught salmon and farm elevated salmon.

Due come the fact that they are in their natural habitat and eat all the organic diets the are an excellent for them, wild picked salmon would certainly be the finest option to go for. Additionally, they are not only great for you yet as a plus space also an excellent for the environment.

Lastly, would be to inspect on the seasoning of the salmon. As with the vault options, there room two means of maintaining salmon. One is v salt and also the other is v both salt and sugar.

The best option to walk for below would be the one without sugar so be certain to look the end for it in the preservatives.

How to appropriately thaw frozen acting salmon


One that the rule in the kitchen once it concerns thawing or defrosting frozen smoked salmon is that you need to be extremely cautious to use any heat top top it at all.

Instead, you should select to eliminate it native the freezer and also place that in the frozen refrigerator compartment for a couple of hours or overnight. Alternatively, friend could select to ar it in a appropriately sealed bag and also place it under to run water in ~ the sink.

These two methods will defrost her frozen acting salmon in not time and also the cooking procedure will no be initiated together it thaws or defrosts.

It is also a very great idea the after the frozen smoked salmon has thawed or defrosted, you leave it out to gain a little bit warm, the is up to room temperature.

The thinking behind this is that when it is cold, the exterior of the fish may cook faster as soon as the inside has not even begun to feeling the warm of the stove.

Can you gain food poisoning from smoked salmon?


The levels of pollution of life fish, consisting of salmon, are quite low. Contamination deserve to usually occur at any given point along the chain the food production. To begin with, contamination can occur at the food processing stage.

An instance of such an circumstances in the food handling stage is in the makers that are provided in the salting, skinning and slicing that fish.

Further to this, listeria has additionally been found current in exhilaration fish products. Borrowing from this, we can see that it is generally impossible to create a totality batch the cold-smoked salmon the is completely totally free from this bacterium called listeria.

The reason for this is since when cold smoking, the salmon is no at every cooked by heat in stimulate to create the characteristic vulnerable texture that we love of exhilaration salmon. In comparison to cold smoking, hot smoking kills turn off listeria.

The factor is that because of the higher temperatures that room used, the salmon will end up with less moisture existing in it.

How to appropriately prepare smoked salmon


Think around it, execute you even remember a minute in time as soon as the usage of salt, sugar and also smoke was the most ideal technique to preserve food? I understand I perform not, lol.

Well, in this modern-day day and age, we often tend to acting food in stimulate to include flavour to it.

The two most usual methods of smoking cigarettes salmon room cold smoking and hot smoking.

Cold Smoking

As a issue of fact, cold smoking of salmon is thought about to it is in having more risk than the alternative method of warm smoking. Once it pertains to cold smoking, the fish is technically unpasteurized.


What this then equates to is the require for cautious handling of the salmon in order to prevent the developing or bringing about an atmosphere that dangerous and harmful pathogens can thrive in.

I to be surprised to uncover out the cold acting salmon quiet technically has a quick shelf life.

When cold exhilaration salmon is stored in the refrigerator, the will only last for a duration of a main or two. Yet when cold exhilaration salmon is placed in the freezer, the shelf life is extended up come a month.

This is as result of the visibility of Listeria bacteria which deserve to grow also at much reduced temperatures.

Hot Smoking

For the hot smoking alternative, you regularly want come brine the salmon front of time rather of curing it. The temperature offered while cigarette smoking the salmon is up to 107 levels Celsius or even more.

Hot acting salmon usually has tendency to have actually a longer shelf life.

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Therefore, it often does not must be refrigerated as long as it continues to be in the original packaging, well-sealed and in a cool, dark area.