A few months earlier I obtained a question from a an easy Meal to plan member looking for an oven temperature guide.

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It’s go something, fine actually, it went exactly favor this…

Hey Jules,

Tonight’s dinner was divine: The Satay Curry from basic Meal arrangement #99. Should make the again!

Anyway, tonight’s plan was actually Italian Sausage Supper + magnificent 4 ingredients Cheesecake.

I chickened out.

Can I chef them in the stove together, even though one is 170 and the other 200 degrees celsius?

Are there guidelines I deserve to use as dictate what have the right to be cooked in the oven, and also what temps?


ps. FYI. Cheesecake is in the range now. Sausage supper is for tomorrow. :-)______________

My answer to be YES you have the right to absolutely cook them in the oven together.

Best to set the temp to 170C come make sure the cheesecake is fine. And also expect the sausage supper to take longer than the recipe.

How to cook 2 things with different temps

It’s simple. Usage the collection point for the most vulnerable item or because that the one through the lowest temp. And expect the various other item come take much longer than normal.

I’d more than likely put the much more delicate / lower temp food on the reduced shelf as well.

Too easy!

Oven Temperature overview – Most frequently Used Temps

100C = 200F – super slow food preparation for meat etc. Similar to a slow-moving cooker.

150C = 300F – continual slow roasting.

180C = 350F – for many sweet baking, cookies, cakes etc. Roasting nuts.

200C = 400F – for cooking everything else. Roasting veggies, fruit, food preparation baked dishes and reheating food.

250C = 480F – aka ‘cranking it’. Because that pizza, quick roast fish and also times when I’m running super late.

The Ultimate cooktop Temperature Guide

1. Things cook faster at greater temps.

Of food you currently knew this. Therefore if you need / want to chef something in a hotter range you suppose it come take much less time and also start checking earlier.

Where it gets tricky is for bigger pieces the meat or baked goods like Bella’s cheesecake. If the temperature is as well high the edges will begin burning prior to the middle is done.

Not a great look.

So in Bella’s case I’d pick the cooktop temp to suit the cheesecake and let the sausages just take longer to cook.

2. Most savoury dishes space flexible v temperature.

Cooking sausages in ~ 170C (325F) rather of 200C (400F) isn’t going to make a large difference apart from the time.

3. Many sweet baked items aren’t for this reason flexible.

Two reasons for this. Very first as i mentioned over is the potential for uneven food preparation (burnt edges).

The 2nd is the baked treats tend to have actually a smaller home window of time between ideal and also under or over baked. An additional reason come prioritize the cheesecake.

4. It’s OK to use different temps to the recipe.

Just expect the timing to it is in different and also you’ll be fine.

5. Normally fan helped ovens will chef quicker.

Which is why most recipes will tell girlfriend to alleviate the set temp through 20C / 50F with fan ovens.

The theory is the pan moves the wait in the cooktop to redistribute the warm air that rises so girlfriend get much more even cooking. A fan definitely helps so i pretty much constantly use the fan but still uncover some unevenness with my existing oven.

6. Part ovens space fast and also some are slow.

Having lived with plenty of different ovens over the year I’ve uncovered some ovens just tend to run ‘hot’ and also cook things quickly. And of course others space slower.

7. Usage the center shelf as soon as baking.

Just for this reason you’re more likely to get an excellent air circulation around your baked treat and therefore an ext even baking.

8. Stove thermometers aren’t precious it.

I’ve tried a few different ones and also they often tended to cause much more trouble than their worth. Fall over and also generally gaining in the way. I favor to simply use the stove settings and go indigenous there. After all the target is to have actually properly cook (and delicious!) food. Over there aren’t any kind of prizes because that baking at exactly 180C for specifically 30 minutes.

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Although if your stove doesn’t have any type of temperature markings on that (and I’ve lived v those) a thermometer deserve to be helpful.

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