How long and at what temperature have to I reheat a pre-baked casserole or pasta dish because that 8 human being (9x12) that ns am taking to a luncheon?



There is no solitary answer. That depends mostly on special the casserole is, and also how cold that is.

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For a not-frozen casserole, i recommend starting with about 3/4 the the original bake time at about 350 F, and then see if that is hot enough. An immediate read thermometer in the center should read about 150 F to 160 F because that service.

You might need to placed foil end the optimal to stop over-browning, or increase the warmth at the finish to about 400 F come encourage an ext browning, depending on the nature the the particular casserole.

Since friend are just heating that through, generally any kind of temperature from around 300 come 400 F is going come work, v an ideal adjustment come the time, if there are various other items in the range that need a particular temperature.


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