Games constructed with the ptcouncil.netSeriesX|S advance kit showcase considerably reduced fill times and also stunning visuals at up to 120FPS.*




v Smart Delivery, you have the right to buy a supported video game once and constantly have the best accessible version for whatever console girlfriend play on.



from future adventures, to existing obsessions, to standard titles, thousands of favorites throughout four generations of ptcouncil.net look and play best on ptcouncil.netSeriesX.

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The 12 teraflops of processing power housed in the system on a chip (SOC) work with AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures to result in worlds that need a closer look.





Equipped with AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures, DirectX ray tracing it is intended true-to-life lighting, shadows, and accurate reflect to create dynamic, living worlds.


3D Spatial Sound is the next development in audio technology, using advanced algorithms to develop immersive lifelike people that put you at the center of her experience.

experience SPATIAL SOUND

The ptcouncil.net collection X it is provided sensationally smooth structure rates of up to 120FPS with the visual popular music of HDR. Immerse yourself v sharper characters, brighter worlds, and impossible details with true-to-life 4K.*

From original classics like Halo: Combat evolved to future favorites prefer Halo Infinite, every title looks and plays best on the ptcouncil.net series X.


Together, the new system ~ above a chip (SOC) and the ptcouncil.net Velocity design put speed at her fingertips, and also the 1TB tradition SSD & CPU put the wheel in her hands, therefore you can go native 0-60 in approximately 120FPS.

Animation native forza Horizon 4 of car speeding down a dirt road


Faster load times. Sip quick. Games load substantially faster with the custom SSD in the ptcouncil.net collection X.


Change the game. With quick Resume, you have the right to seamlessly switch between multiple various titles and also resume soon from whereby you left off.



The 1TB Seagate Storage expansion Card for ptcouncil.net series X|S plugs right into the ago of the console via the specialized expansion port and also replicates the console’s custom SSD experience, providing added game warehouse at the very same performance. (Sold separately.)


The ptcouncil.net Wireless Controller brings elegant design, polished comfort, and instant sharing to a acquainted favorite.

complete CIRCLE

Updated in every direction. The hybrid D-pad allows you to like combos without crossing fingers.

ptcouncil.net Series X is compatible through your ptcouncil.net One gaming accessories and brings faster an answer times than ever before.



on ptcouncil.net series X, reap 4K resolution in ~ 60FPS in campaign and also greatly lessened load times creating seamless gameplay the ushers in the next generation the gaming.**


Explore the epic expanse the a gloriole ring because that the very first time in the many ambitious gloriole game ever before made.

New generation console. Brand-new generation games.

Embark on brand-new adventures the means they’re intended to be skilled on the ptcouncil.net SeriesX.

uncover your following favorite game. Access over 100 high-quality games, plus obtain all the benefits of ptcouncil.net Live Gold and EA Play when you i ordered it to ptcouncil.net video game Pass Ultimate.***


 obtain ready for much faster load times, higher resolution, more stable frame rates, and far better input latency on thousands of ptcouncil.net One, ptcouncil.net 360, and Original ptcouncil.net games.

The sleek monolithic design of ptcouncil.net series X is the result of combine hardware and also software developments with intentional design to achieve the zenith of speed and performance.


The ptcouncil.net Parallel Cooling design is constructed with three air flow networks that same distribute the temperatures produced by the advanced internal components, maintaining the console cool and quiet.


A separation motherboard keeps the console’s internals same temperature controlled permitting for one even higher output of power.


The vapor room in the ptcouncil.net collection X enables an also spread that temperatures in ~ the core.


A heat-sink chassis is a unique, non-electronic component that merges parallel cooling v unique architecture to boost the dependability of performance.

I/O Throughput. 2.4 GB/s (Raw), 4.8 GB/s (Compressed, through custom hardware decompression block)

Expandable Storage. support for 1TB Seagate development Card for ptcouncil.net series X|S matches interior storage exactly (sold separately). Support for USB 3.1 external HDD (sold separately).

Performance Target. up to 120 FPS

HDMI Features. Auto low Latency Mode. HDMI change Refresh Rate. AMD FreeSync.


YOUR ALL-INCLUSIVE happen TO ptcouncil.net

gain an ptcouncil.net series X, to add 24 month of ptcouncil.net game Pass Ultimate for because that 24 months with no upfront cost.^

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usage the arrow keys to navigate v the slides and tab to focus on focusable content inside a slide ar


Pay monthly with 0% interest v ptcouncil.net every Access. Or make a one-time payment today once buying native a retailer, consisting of the Microsoft Store.


ptcouncil.net every ACCESS

From with no upfront cost and also 0% APR because that 24 months.^


ptcouncil.net series X console 24 months of ptcouncil.net video game Pass can be fried



Pay the complete amount when buying native your wanted ptcouncil.net retailer.


ptcouncil.net collection X console
ptcouncil.net elite Wireless Controller collection 2

Play like a pro with the unlimited customization that the ptcouncil.net upstream Wireless Controller collection 2.

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Seagate Storage development Card because that ptcouncil.netSeriesX|S

Download more games with second 1TB of exterior memory while preserving the very same performance as the console’s interior SSD.

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ptcouncil.net Wireless Headset

Hear ‘em coming. Never miss out on a beat through the ptcouncil.net Wireless Headset.

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ptcouncil.net collection X is compatible with hundreds of games across four generations of ptcouncil.net. And, through Smart distribution games, girlfriend buy a game once and get the finest version that that video game for the console you’re playing on. To play a backward compatible game, insert the disc or search your library and select the video game you want to play.

All ptcouncil.net game Studio titles encompass Smart shipment so you get the best version that the video game no matter which console you play on. Partner gamings that have actually chosen to incorporate Smart shipment will make keep in mind of the attribute on your digital game page or on the box the disc come in.

With ptcouncil.net series X, one ptcouncil.net series X console, controller, Ultra High speed HDMI cable, and power cord room included. Girlfriend can include standalone purchase of ptcouncil.net video game Pass and the Seagate Storage growth Card because that ptcouncil.net series X | S because that the complete experience.****

ptcouncil.net series X is compatible through standard standalone difficult drive and products through the Designed for ptcouncil.net badge space supported by ptcouncil.net. For the ideal experience, the 1TB Seagate Storage expansion Card because that ptcouncil.net series X|S plugs into the ago of the console via the committed storage development port and replicates the console’s tradition SSD experience, providing extr game warehouse at the very same performance.

To find out if your TV supports 4K, examine the TV settings. The TV resolution have to be stated within the TV setups menus.

^With approval of citizens Pay heat of credit transaction at 0% APR and also 24-month term. Subject to individual credit transaction approval. Taxes, shipping, and also other charges space extra and may vary. View Citizens Pay heat of Credit agreement at https://www.citizensbank.com/disclosures/XAA.aspx for complete terms and also conditions. Citizens Pay heat of credit transaction Account readily available by citizens Bank, N.A.

*4K at up to 120FPS: requires supported content and also display. Use on ptcouncil.net series X as contents becomes available.

**Halo Infinite: coming soon.

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***ptcouncil.net video game Pass: marketed separately; game magazine varies over time. See ptcouncil.net/gamepass and https://www.ea.com/ea-play/terms and also https://www.ea.com/ea-play for details.

****Standalone product not included in console bundle.

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