The iphone phone SE is Apple"s affordable smartphone option for 2020, and also a successor to the popular 2016 budget plan iPhone the the exact same name. It come in a compact size and also packs the same chip and performance the you acquire on much an ext expensive flagship phones, in addition to one that the finest cameras in the price range. It"s an easy selection for most users, so lengthy as they don"t mental a smaller phone.

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If you"re interested in getting the iphone SE, and are now trying to decision if the most affordable 64GB storage choice would be enough for you, or you must instead take into consideration the much more expensive warehouse options, we"re here to help.

How much complimentary storage walk the iphone SE actually come with?

When girlfriend buy one Android smartphone or one iPhone, girlfriend don"t actually get the exact amount of complimentary storage as advertised out the box. A phone"s operating system, main point apps and also other essential data the cannot be gotten rid of take some of the phone"s storage.
On the iphone SE, the iOS operating mechanism itself takes about 11GB that storage. So say you obtain the 64GB iphone phone SE version – you"ll in reality be beginning with roughly 49,6GB of complimentary storage. In turn, if you obtain the 128GB or 256GB iphone phone SE variants, you"ll have around 117 or 245 gigabytes of cost-free storage out the box respectively.

How much room do apps and also games take it on the iphone SE?



The iphone SE"s main camera have the right to shoot 4K video clip at 30 frames-per-second (FPS) in ~ best, while its default setups are HD in ~ 30 FPS.Capturing a 1-minute video clip in 4K in ~ 30 FPS bring away 350MB of storage on the iphone phone SE.Capturing a 1-minute video clip in HD at 60 FPStakes 175MB of warehouse on the iphone SE.Capturing a 1-minute video clip in HD at 30 FPStakes 130MB of warehouse on the iphone phone SE.
Assuming that you"re filming with the default settings, you have the right to comfortably movie videos amounting come 6 hours and 25 minutes before the 64GB iphone SE fills up.


Photos native the key camera in the default 4:3 aspect ratio took up about 3,3MB on typical in our usage, while selfies v the former camera are normally approximately 2MB. Back photos can vary in paper size, we can reasonably suppose that ~ above the iphone phone SE 64GB you have the right to take approximately 14,900 photos before running the end of storage.
Should you choose to keep any type of Apple Music tracks because that offline use, each will take about 9.2MB of storage space. That means you have the right to comfortably fit at least 6900 song in 64GB the storage.

So, which iphone SE model should i get: 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB?

The iphone SE 64GB will certainly come with around 49,6GB of cost-free storage, which must be good for most people, together it"s sufficient for acquisition at the very least 14,900 picture or holding thousands of songs. Additionally, many of the tendency mobile gamings can comfortably fit in 49,6GB. So lengthy as friend restrict you yourself from filming lots of videos in 4K resolution, and are all set to sometimes go through the iphone phone Storage menu and also delete what"s no much longer needed, 64GB is a an excellent enough option.

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The iphone SE 128GB is the perfect middle ground. The 128GB iphone SE would certainly actually come with around 117GB of free storage, which is enough for taking around 35,400 photos. This is the right storage alternative for those that feel prefer 64GB would be constricting, or arrangement on using this phone for many years to come.The iphone SE 256GB is clear the best option, yet unnecessary for many users, and arguably no worth the extra $100 for anyone but power individuals who room all about storing everything on-device. Through this iphone phone SE variant us get around 245GB of cost-free storage the end the box, which can hold roughly 74,000 image or about 700 minute of 4K video recordings. We recommend this option just if you plan on maintaining this iPhone because that as long as possible, and also need come have every one of your music, movies, photos and also games straight on it, as opposed to relying ~ above cloud or streaming services.

Where can I purchase the Apple iphone SE (2020)?

Buy the Apple iphone phone SE (2020) from AppleBuy the Apple iphone phone SE (2020) from ideal BuyBuy the Apple iphone phone SE (2020) from WalmartBuy the Apple iphone phone SE (2020) native VerizonBuy the Apple iphone phone SE (2020) from AT&TBuy the Apple iphone phone SE (2020) indigenous TargetBuy the Apple iphone SE (2020) ~ above Cricket Wireless indigenous Amazon
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