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Segment Bisector (Definition, Examples, & Video)

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The human eye is amazingly fast and also accurate in ~ visually splitting things down the middle. Whether you space looking in ~ a item of paper, a wall surface awaiting a picture, or a humble heat segment, your binocular (twin) vision helps you find that halfway suggest easily. On a line segment, the halfway point out is the segment bisector.

What you"ll learn:

After working your means through this lesson and video, you will certainly be able to:

Recall and also state the meaning of a segment bisectorIdentify the various creates of segment bisectors, including line segments, lines, rays and also pointsRecall that a solitary segment may be bisected by an infinite variety of bisectors, only among which can be a perpendicular bisector

What is a line Segment?

Reviewing your basic geometry, a line segment is a part of a line, bounded in ~ both ends by determined points, prefer this:

Point A, on the left, is the the furthest to the left the heat segment can go. Allude Z, ~ above the right, is as far to the right as the line segment will certainly extend. Unequal a line, a heat segment is finite; it ends at, well, its 2 ends.

Segment Bisector Definition

Any geometric number that have the right to pass with (or sit on) the line segment can form a segment bisector. A segment bisector is a geometric figure that divides the heat segment exactly in half.

All of these figures can it is in segment bisectors:

PointsLine segmentsRaysLines

Segment Bisector Examples

Here is a point, suggest M, the is precisely at the center of heat segment AZ:

Here space two heat segments, every passing with the exact middle of line segment AZ, every acting together segment bisectors:

And below is our exact same beloved heat segment AZ v Ray MN serving as the segment bisector:

Infinite Segment Bisectors

Rays are infinite in one direction. Present are boundless in 2 directions. If one of two people a ray or a line serves together a segment bisector, it will certainly be infinite. We have actually seen ray MN get the task done. Now let"s view a line handle it:

The only boundless segment bisectors, then, room a ray and a line.

Perpendicular Segment Bisector

For every line segment, you deserve to have an infinite variety of rays, heat segments, and also lines passing with the midpoint of the line segment. You deserve to only have one allude on the line segment in ~ the halfway mark.

You can additionally have only one segment bisector that is perpendicular come the segment, choose this:

Notice that line EV bisects the heat segment at an edge of specifically 90°. No various other geometric number can accounting that precise space, for this reason every heat segment has only one perpendicular segment bisector.

Facts about Segment Bisectors

Let"s review and go over some facts around segment bisectors:

A segment bisector, always passes v the midpoint that the segment and also divides a segment in two equal parts.A segment bisector might or might not be a perpendicular bisector.Points, lines, segments, and rays are all species of segment bisectors. If either a ray or a heat serves together a segment bisector, it will be infinite.A segment might have numerous bisectors in ~ the very same time.

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Lesson Summary

Now that you have read and also studied the lesson, you space able come recall and state the definition of a segment bisector, determine the various forms of segment bisectors, consisting of line segments, lines, rays and points, and also recall the a single segment may be bisected by one infinite variety of bisectors, only one of which might be a perpendicular bisector.