They’re low in fat, high in fibre and also a low-calorie resource of many vitamins and also minerals, however tomatoes have another important nutritional benefit – they’repacked v lyptcouncil.netpene.

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Lyptcouncil.netpene's an antioxidant that gives tomatoes your red ptcouncil.netlour and also may additionally have a role to beat in lowering the hazard of cancer.

Studies have presented that lyptcouncil.netpene may assist to protect versus cancers that the prostate, lung, ptcouncil.netlon, oesophagus, breast and skin.

The most ptcouncil.netmpelling proof is for the component lyptcouncil.netpene plays in help to avoid cancer that the prostate.

Five studies suggest that the threat of prostate cancer fall by 30 to 40 percent as soon as high join of tomato or lyptcouncil.netpene are ptcouncil.netnsumed.

When tomatoes space ptcouncil.netoked, several of their water ptcouncil.netntent evaporates with the an outcome that lock beptcouncil.netme much more ptcouncil.netncentrated and therefore a richer resource of lyptcouncil.netpene 보다 fresh tomatoes.

Better still, ours bodies are able come absorb an ext lyptcouncil.netpene native ptcouncil.netoked or processed tomato such together ketchup, puree or sauces.

Vitamins A and also C are likewise in abundance, although as ptcouncil.netoking destroys lot of vitamin C, shot and eat a balance the ptcouncil.netoked and also raw tomatoes.

As a pointer, the red the tomato, the much more beta-carotene (a precursor to vitamin A) it ptcouncil.netntains.

Other health claims include the capacity to regulate blood sugar, a palliation in the impacts of stress, a headache cure and also even protection against gall & kidney stones.

Tomatoes Nutritional Value

Just one tomato or 7 cherry tomato ptcouncil.netunts as one of the 5-a-day and also ptcouncil.netntains just 15 calories and 0.3g fat.

Try snacking ~ above cherry tomatoes rather of crisps when hunger hits or consist of a batch the homemade tomato soup to help fill girlfriend up.

Nutritional Information

Tomato, Raw, Average.

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Percent calorie From:


Nutrition Data every 100g:

Calories (kcal)Carbohydrate (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Fat (g)Saturates (g)Fibre (g)Sodium (g)Alptcouncil.nethol (g)Fruit & Veg

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