Music is a Porcelain selection of garlic, prized for its vast cloves, tool spiciness, and easy-to-peel wrappers. The big size the the cloves helps through overwintering (great for Northeast growers) and also gives tree the power they need in spring.  

With 4-6 plump cloves per head, heads selection from white come white with a purple blush. Stores well, as much as 6 month if handled appropriately after harvest.

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Grown in ~ Skymeadow Farm, a Certified Organic farm in Cherry Valley, NY.

Garlic is sold in pound quantities. Over there are commonly 25-40 cloves every pound; each clove effectively grown will develop a complete bulb the following year. One lb of hardneck garlic deserve to plant in between 20-30 feet and will yield about 5 times the amount. 

Does not ship internationally.

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This product, though Certified necessary in the joined States, is no certified to Canadian necessary standards.
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Growing Instructions

Plant in fall. View our guide to farming Garlic for an ext instructions.

Quick Facts
Planting Depth Spacing in heat Spacing between Rows elevation at Maturity width at Maturity Sun preference
Top the clove have to be about 1" listed below the floor surface.
Full Sun


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