To learn the cub identical of 12 oz of bread crumbs, we hasto realize the cup is a volume measure and ounces is a weightmeasure.

Our usual relation, saying the 8 oz. That WATER is one cup iswrong since it only takes around 90 grams the bread crumbs come filla cup.

You deserve to deduce this from the label ion a have the right to of dry breadcrumbsthat claims "Serving size 1/3 cup (30 g)"

Since 30 g is around one oz (exact is 28.4 g), then 12oz that breadcrumbs is:

12 oz=12oz*(28.34g/oz)*(cup/3)/(30g)=3.77 cups

Approximately 12 ounces the dried bread crumbs = 4 cups.

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