Questions: How numerous US cups of cream in 60 grams? exactly how much are 60 grams the cream in cups?

The prize is: 60 grams of cream is indistinguishable to 0.25 ( ~ 1/4) united state cup(*)

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Grams of cream to us cups
51 grams that cream = 0.213 united state cup
52 grams of cream = 0.217 us cup
53 grams the cream = 0.221 us cup
54 grams the cream = 0.225 us cup
55 grams of cream = 0.229 united state cup
56 grams that cream = 0.233 united state cup
57 grams of cream = 0.238 us cup
58 grams that cream = 0.242 united state cup
59 grams the cream = 0.246 united state cup
60 grams of cream = 0.25 united state cup

Grams the cream to us cups
60 grams the cream = 0.25 united state cup
61 grams that cream = 0.254 united state cup
62 grams of cream = 0.258 us cup
63 grams the cream = 0.263 united state cup
64 grams the cream = 0.267 united state cup
65 grams of cream = 0.271 united state cup
66 grams that cream = 0.275 us cup
67 grams of cream = 0.279 us cup
68 grams the cream = 0.283 us cup
69 grams the cream = 0.288 us cup

Notes on ingredient measurements

It is a little tricky to get precise food conversion since its characteristics adjust according to humidity, temperature, or how well packed the ingredient is. Ingredients the contain the state sliced, minced, diced, crushed, chopped add uncertainties come the measurements. A great practice is to measure up ingredients through weight, no by volume so the the error is decreased.

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