If a cooking recipes calls because that 4 cup of chopped carrots, how plenty of pounds of carrots do you should buy? What around other amounts?

Here space the roundabout figures you need so that you execute not finish up buying too many, or too few, carrots.

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The table has the approximate returns in chopped cup for different weight amounts of carrots and additionally the almost right number of large carrots this equals. The objective of this information is to offer as a purchase guide, not to replace actual measurements!

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Although this is not most likely to it is in a regular occurrence, you could want to know how to estimate how much a particular amount of shredded carrot would equal come in cup of sliced or diced. Yes, these quantities would be different. Complying with the table are some approximate conversions.

Carrot Wt.Approx. Yield in cup Sliced/DicedApprox. # Lg Carrots
1 pound2.5 cups4 to 6
1/2 pound1/2 cups2 to 3
1/4 pound1/4 cup1 to 1 1/2


If all you have is a bag of baby carrots, simply know the the common bag that those is 16 ounces, or one pound. For this reason that will yield about 2.5 cups chopped/diced carrots. Keep in mental that, although there is a such thing as “baby carrots” which space a small, early on yielding carrot that is sweeter in taste, the infant carrots they market in bags room not young carrots, but rather “baby cut” carrots. These, in ~ one time, to be misshapen totality carrots the were smoothed and also then industrially trimmed into the uniform small “baby” shapes. Now, however, carrots are grown particularly for the purpose.

Conversion of cup Sliced or Diced to cups Shredded

3/4 cup sliced/diced = 1 cup shredded1.5 cup sliced/diced = 2 cups shredded9 ounces Sliced/diced = 1.5 cups3 cup sliced/diced = 4 cup shredded

Solution: division the diced quantity by 0.75 to gain the almost right shredded value. Main point the shredded lot by 0.75 to gain the almost right diced value.

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For weird cup amounts, such together 1.1 cups, convert to ounces. 1 oz = 0.125 Cup (US). So, for example, exactly how may ounces is 1.4 cups? division 1.4 by 0.125. The prize is 11 ounces (rounded under a bit). Remember that an oz is actually a fluid volume measurement. Therefore, converting solid load to cup cannot be supposed to it is in precise. These are only rough guidelines. A cooking recipes which calls for an quantity of hard ingredient in weight is actually being much much more precise than one calling because that a volume measurement. The is out of habit in the U.S. To usage cups, etc. And, due to the fact that we aren’t baking right here (unless you’re do a carrot cake?), it need to be near enough.